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I’m sure that many of you have heard of Thomas Hobbes, the famous English political philosopher who was also a materialist. Many of you I’m sure have also heard of his famous book, The Leviathan. While the book is mostly taught in colleges for its contributions to political science, it is also vehemently anti-Catholic and attempts to undermind the Catholic Church as legitimate.

Could some of you more expert apologists look at the third and fourth parts, which can be found at the link below. I’m not asking for a complete analysis of what is said in this work, but if you could please copy and past a few paragraphs that you would like to refute, that would be great! The work is so anti-papal and so academic that I’m having a difficult time deciding how to respond to what Hobbes wrote. I even sent a letter to a Jesuit!

The Fourth part is especially anti-Catholic; but so is the Third part.

Thomas Hobbes’ The Leviathan, found at


Hi Madaglan,

Fro the Leviathan:

According to this obligation, I can acknowledge no other books of the Old Testament to be Holy Scripture but those which have been commanded to be acknowledged for such by the authority of the Church of England.

Now, he is starting by basing his aknowledgment of the Old Testament cannon based on the Authority of the Church of England. I would first ask, from whome does this authority come? From Henry VIII???
That is the first flop I find as I read.
As I find more I’ll let you know…


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