'The life of Mary as seen by the mystics'

Hello all,

I have a question which Im hoping someone will kindly help me with!
My boyfriend has just recently been received into the Church. He had just recently told me how he is praying for a stronger devotion to Mary ( Funny how Mary was the hardest thing for him to understand before his conversion :wink: Anyway…I have been reading the book ’ The life of Mary as seen by the mystics’ And I personally love this book! I was wondering though if it would be a good idea to read this with him? I heard that some of the visions in the book and information may not be approved by the Church and I dont want to give him any wrong ideas. Does anyone have anymore information on this book???

I really hope this made sense!

God Bless!

LOL. There was a very recent thread which was supposed to be about Blessed Ann Catherine and the reliability of the visions since the Holy See was not sure what was embellished, what was added to etc.

Well let’s just say I never quite got an answer to my original question.

Hope you have better luck!

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