The line between temptation and sin?

Recently I am unsure as to whether I had sinned or was tempted, it seems as if the two were blurred together. I was tempted to masturbate, and I had never have into this, which I am greatly thankful for yet it seems that in my state of temptation, I grew ignorant and reasoned that masturbation would not be sinful in this case, and that if I were to masturbate I would not use pornography, I was constantly debating whether I should masturbate or not, and got out of bed multiple times, partly out of restlessness but perhaps because I was urged to. I did not commit the physical act, but have I sinned?

If you did not actually commit the sinful act, then you did not sin.

There are a lot of distinctions to make. Try giving the relevant parts of the Catechism a read and come back with what you find, particularly on the “passions.”

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