The Linz Family wins on Amazing Race


**I don’t know if they are Catholic or not, but it did my heart good to see these kids win. They are 4 of 7 children and are giving half of the money to the whole family and spliting the other half between all 7 brothers and sister. **

**Makes me all warm and gooey inside to see a family like that these days.:smiley: **

See their interview from this morning or more abut the show:


i was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
happy last night. i wanted them to win so bad. i used to live in the Cincy area when I went to a small Catholic college in NKY and I just loved them. i taped the check presentation this morning while i was out at daily mass so i think i’ll go watch it now.

glad someone else was happy. i’d love to do that show some day


i just watched it. they are giving HALF of the millon to their parents and splitting the other half with all SEVEN of the kids not just the 4 that went on the race. what respecatble people. i hope to have a family of many children like that some day. so good natrued and a good sense of humor and adventure and not greedy


I just read that Meg went to St. Ursula’s (a Catholic HS). so its a good bet that they are Catholic.

I’m so glad they won. I’m so impressed that they had decided on splitting the winnings before they even started the race. They were fun to watch because they had so much fun on the race. Everything was “cool” to them, I can’t remember them complaining about any of the tasks.

I think the best team won this time.


yeah now that i think about it one of the boys had a ST. X shirt on one day. i knew there was a reason why i thought they were Catholic


I was so happy that they won, too. Especially over the Weaver’s, they seemed so hypocritical. The Linz’s were always so nice to each other and how cool that they are sharing the money.



I saw the check presentation this morning when I was getting ready for work. What a sweet thing to do, giving half the money to their parents like that. :yup: I was very glad to see them win, they were my favorites from the beginning - always upbeat, funny, etc.


Catholic or not, I didn’t like them.

               ~ Kathy ~

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