The little concept of mortifying the flesh?

  • I do not agree that we have the little concept of mortifying the flesh, vice versa-
    We apply it by the way of Legalism;- No dancing,No alcohol,no card-playing, no rock music.
    For example, we- Baptists we want to live in a way that is distinct from the typical lifestyle of the world, we are in the world ,but we are not from this world.
    Are there any objections ?



I was raised Baptist, but I’m still confused at what you’re talking about.


Living according to God’s commandments is what all Christians are to do. No one can object to someone following them as they see fit. Though I disagree that dancing and having a few drinks is a sin(as men in the Bible danced in glory to God and Jesus drank wine) I do agree drinking to get drunk is a sin.

I was raised Baptist and am familiar with the rules given in that denomination on such matters.

I’m not sure what you mean by “mortifying the flesh”


Who says and where is it documented that we are not allowed to dance, play cards, drink or listen to rock music?
That is a ridiculous statement to make.


If I understand the issue here, it is not a question of allowing these things, but giving them up. Two things are at stake here.

  1. It could be the case that these legitimate activities pose an occasion of sin for us. It is therefore advisable not to engage in these activities. Even though they are not sinful in themselves, they lead to sin.
  2. It is also a good thing from time to time to deny ourselves legitimate pleasures. Again, these things are not bad, but good, and are offered up for a higher good, so that we do not become dependent on them.


Somebody once pointed out that getting out of bed right away in the morning, instead of staying in bed a little while, can be a mortification of the flesh… :slight_smile:

There’s nothing wrong with waiting that little moment to face the day. But if you decided to get up right away, that would be training yourself to do something you don’t really want to do – going against your natural desire to stay.



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