The Little Flowers, The Lives of the Brethren, and others


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In my search for a sort of world-encompassing spirituality and outlook for my journey with Christ, I've found several books. No doubt most of you have heard of the Little Flowers of St. Francis, and the Vitae Fratrum, the Lives of the (early Dominican) Brothers. These have given me very good insights into the early charism and apostolate of the mendicants. Franciscans are characterised by a sort of poor-loving joy, which manifested itself in such popular songs, poems, dances, and rustic happiness for Christ that it overtook the lower throngs with piety. The more stoic Dominicans still brought forth great crowds with their incredibly theological preaching, and had a great mystical sense of wonder at the Holy Church.

I am wondering if there are any similar, early-history collections of tales, legends, short-stories, and such for other Orders. Surely the Carmelites, Carthusians, Cistercians, Benedictines, Premonstratentians, and many others have their own "little flowers" to speak of. This is vitally important for understanding various Orders, and perhaps in attracting men and women of certain character to each. Do we know of any? :)

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