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I was reading some of Confessions of St Augustine translated by Hendry Chadwick, and sometime spoke out to me, and i just really enjoyed hearing that from a pious man. (though it was in a book, it was like it was from him)

“My inflated conceit shunned the Bible’s restraint, and my gaze never penetrated to its inwardness. Yet the Bible was composed in such a way that as beginners mature, its meaning grows with them. I disdained to be a little bigger. Puffed up with pride, I considered my self a mature adult!”

This reminded me of the Word of God being referred to as the “Living Word”, it is always alive and active. And It made me also wonder; Do people drop the bible for this reason? They get so frustrated because they are so puffed with pride that they think the bible will speak wonders to them and change their life as simply a beginner, could this be? If it is the living word, and it grows in us as we grow in God, does that mean as beginners when we know nothing the Bible speaks in a way that speaks to us, or does that possibly mean that the bible does not speak much to us and it is just a learning experience?

This caught my attention for a reason, and I am wondering what you all think about this.




An excellent point. I would add that many people are turned off by the experience because a simplistic reading of much of the Bible may lead one to think that Christianity is too “preachy”. A great deal of it is written with an admonishing tone, and people who are unfamiliar with the historical context surrounding its writings (e.g., children) may tend to rebel against it for that reason. As a result, they reach adulthood with an unsophisticated understanding of Scripture in particular and Christian theology in general, as you pointed out.

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