The long marriage response


There is a common situations we are seeing these days and I am curious how people are responding to assist our brothers and sisters in following God.

A couple who has been together for a long time. They love each other, and may even be raising children together. Maybe they are divorced and remarried without a decree of nullity or maybe they are in a same-sex relationship. How do you accompany them in deepening their faith and correcting their situation?

It seems to be a complex situation since we are dealing with people who “love” each other, but may have had or do have a misunderstanding of love and 5ere may be children involved.

I am looking for resources that would approach this from a lay perspective as well as a pastoral perspective.


I have a painting of Jesus - with a pretty woman of the same age -
and it’s a nice day - etc - some flowers and trees -
He’s sitting there - relaxed and observing her -
She has a bucket - and is at the same well.

However - John the Baptist
He spoke - hard - against “ the king “ and his hook up.

The woman caught in the very act - of adultery -
Jesus wrote in the sand - gave his answer.


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