The LONGEST song you enjoy listening to?

Mountain Jam by the Bros. It’s on average a 30ish minute song because it features solos by every member. I know there are versions in the 20 min range as well as 40+ min.

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I was gunna put it in Greek but a) that would involve looking up the spelling and b) not everyone would know what it meant

I usually don’t listen to insanely long songs, but the longest song I’ve ever listened to is “The Count of Tuscany” by Dream Theater; it’s almost twenty minutes long.

Yippee lots of Dream Theater fans! <3

Years ago there was a DJ I listened to every night. He would take requests for “three-peats,” which were three songs by your favorite band. Occasionally he’d let people request themed three-peats, which were three songs of a similar theme by different bands. I spent months calling in requesting a three-peat of the three longest songs I could think of (In a Gadda da Vida (17 min), Stairway to Heaven live (13 min), and the live version of The End by The Doors (17 min)). He always turned me down, right up until the night he was unexpectedly told that it was to be his last night. Most of his last hour as a DJ for that station was spent playing my three songs for 47 minutes of commercial-free, uninterrupted music. It was pretty cool. He got a nasty call from the program manager halfway through but there wasn’t anything they could do to punish him at that point.

What could they do to him since he was already terminated from his job?:rolleyes:

I have most of you beat!!!

Manowar - Achilles, Agony & Ecstasy.

Comes in at a whopping twenty-eight (28) minutes!!!

If that were played on the radio the DJ could take a nice long coffee break!:thumbsup:

that is cool!

He got chewed out but that was it. He was a great DJ so it was a shame to see him go, especially since he was replaced with a computer. A few months before that, I’d gotten him to play a three-peat of songs that are always played back to back (We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions–Queen, Feeling that Way/Anytime–Journey, Heartbreaker/Living Loving Maid–Led Zeppelin). It was pretty cool, but at only about 20 minutes it wasn’t quite the programming violation that the long song three-peat was.

Disc Jockeys used to call these “Bowel Movement Songs,” not because they were bad but because they gave the DJ time ti run down the hall and attend to the needs of nature.

For me, probably “Tubular Bells” by Mike Oldfield, or “Scheherezade” by Reniassance.

Have you seen this version?

Literal Video

You will laugh.

Mirror of Souls by Theocracy :smiley: 22 min. approx.

I own at least three CDs where the entire disc is one long song, though in a couple of cases the disc is divided into several tracks. (As you might guess, I’m a prog rock fan too!)

My favorite of these album-length songs is probably “The Way Up” by the Pat Metheny Group. It clocks in at a little over 68 minutes.

The other two that come to mind, and that I also like a lot, are “A Pleasant Shade of Gray” by Fates Warning (around 54 minutes) and “Mei” by Echolyn (around 50 minutes).

“The Chaplet of Divine Mercy In Song” by Trish Short, Michael Bethea and Crystal Yates (around 18 minutes)

Oh, and I forgot about “Thick as a Brick” by Jethro Tull, which I think is around 45 minutes. However, I don’t like that album/song as much as many other prog rock fans seem to. In my book it’s pretty good, but not something that I want to go back and listen to very often at all.

I did not see this one----till now. LOL.

Thanks for linking this.

Made my day. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Led Zeppelin’s “Dazed & Confused” from The Song Remains the Same soundtract.

Nearly 30 minutes of Jimmy Page’s sheer genius!! :smiley:

My college major was broadcasting and that was the ideal song to stick on the air when nature called :smiley:

Did you know the title came from slurring the words, “In the Garden of Eden”?

I always associate it with the end of the movie MANHUNTER now.

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