The Lord Almighty, he gives and takes away


Blessed be He, the Lord that gives and takes away. He gives us life, and he was with-draws it. He gives and takes away his blessings and gifts to us. He is the Father of all creation, he gives in abundance, and takes back unlimitedly.

What has he taken from you, tell me?


Amen. My wife’s uncle just dropped dead on his kitchen floor today. It’s sad, but death isn’t pretty. You usually **** yourself and have a stupid look on your face before they bag you. People think they are going to live forever the way they act. No one gets out of here alive thats for sure. Have a nice day :slight_smile:


…are you upset?


Nah, thanks for asking. Just worried about my wife. Her mom and uncle are about the same age and this raises her fears. She hasn’t had to deal with lose and it is something everyone goes through in their life. Some handle it in faith, others crack up for awhile, but it’s part of the game. He was a jolly fellow, hope he makes the cut.


(I will get back to you)


Dear Jennifer

Great to see you here again. I haven’t been round much lately.

He takes what is evil from me and replaces it with what is good. Mostly via the cross.
Lately He’s been taking away pride so I have more humility.

God bless you dear friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:



He has taken away no blessing from me. Everything I’ve ever had He has lent me.


He has given me life, and He will take it away so I can have eternal life.

He has taken away my sin, and He has given to me Mercy and Grace.


Money. My husband hasn’t worked since February. So I am learning to be more careful with it. Plus more thankful that I have a job, and we have been able to make ends meet. Also to trust Him to provide.


Yes yes, this is what God is well known for! But he gives you back sooo much more. This is a fantastic way for him to built you up and have you realise that he has you in his hand, nothing will go wrong. Hi will provide, and he will provide even more to those who are carefully taking care of them selves and the others around them too. If you look after yourself, he will give you even more.

Have you ever heard of that scripture where Jesus says what you have with you the Father will give you even more of, but what little the non-believers have, they will loose even that (or something like that)? :smiley:

xxXx zundrah xXxx


I love CAF, we can all meet here and share so much with each other.

Pride is the greatest thing to loose, it is a good sign that he is probably preparing you for something in the future. He is shaping you. :cool:


He is amazing, He gives and takes away (as I’ve said many times now). :stuck_out_tongue: What He takes, makes us. What He gives, he gives to thank us.


Death is very quick and not as terrible as you may think. (We all die but some are lucky and it is all over before even a drop of despair or destress comes into play).

…are you upset?

People always grieve, the pain is unexplainable. I don’t really know what to say for you…

The assumption.

“The bodies of all mankind, at the last judgment, will be brought back and united again to the soul.”

Therefore we shall always be with the Lord.

He was a jolly fellow, hope he makes the cut

What do you mean (will he go to heaven or not)? There is no need to worry about that, honestly. :wink:

People do not get punished for what they haven’t done.


I’m sorry Zundrah, but death is not very quick for most and you could spend an eternity in it.


People do not suffer for what they haven’t done.


I don’t quite understand what you are saying, but many Saints have been victim souls for others.


:frowning: What I mean is, don’t worry about him.


anything we have, it actually belongs to God… we don’t really ‘own’ anything. So if He takes something away, it’s for our own good… we should just pray we don’t lose Him :slight_smile: (and we know He’d never walk away from us.)


I don’t wantz to loose him…


I don’t know yet.

But I have had a very good time knowing his followers. Like you.

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