The Lord works in hilarious ways

I was feeling guilty for the way I wronged someone. I randomly opened my bible the right on the page about making restitution for wrongs done. Numbers 5:5-10. I denied this coincidence and randomly flipped through the Bible once again landed on 2chronicles 22-24 about wronging a neighbor. Too good of a coincidence, huh? I was like darn it.

Lol, I wouldn’t keep ignoring it :stuck_out_tongue:

if I ignore it maybe I will land on a scripture about this topic again. Or maybe next is judgment


In that you say you were wrong, what motive is there to continue being wrong?

Why and how if you feel the need to post the wrong on the internet, and you feel you were given signs as what to do or at least a gist of what to do… why/how is there anything gained via staying in the wrong?

Tis a logic I fail to comprehend

this person probably does not want to hear from me. I am too scared to apologize to him. He is not exactly the kindest of people. I may just get a “whatever” from him. Like the good Lord convicted me I must swallow my pride and apologize.

You probably would not have to apologize and eat humble pie unless you happen to run into this individual.

In other words, knocking at his door and encountering him probably isn’t required. Whatever you did, if it wasn’t too serious, just let it go. The right time may present itself.

I moved to a city 8-10 hours away. I highly doubt I will encounter him anytime soon or at all. If I text him may ignore it, delete it, etc. He already deleted my number. The last time I texted him he asked who I was.

Modern tech means if you send an apology text and leave it at that the rest is what it is.

Even if he choses to not read it for some reason that is not on you, you did your part.

If he reads it and ignores it the same.

I half agree/disagree with the no need to apologize out of your way.

If you lived in this new city and it was the 1700s i would agree. If you borrowed a quarter and forgot to give it back I would agree etc.

To send a text is of nothing from you and he may never even respond or simply send a “whatever” so be it. You are done with it and conscience served.

Also he may half ignore it but someday he may see it as a show of what a person who does wrong can do. Perhaps it will have an impact on his outlook, his actions to someone he wrongs…

Just send a short clear and sincere text and be done with it. If he engages negatively leave it be do not give in to reigniting animosity etc.

Tis simple :slight_smile:

Yes. Yes.

I agree with this. Apologizing is the right thing to do. Making him forgive you is not your job, nor is it even possible. Don’t worry about his response.

If the first two words are “I’m sorry” your friend should be able to get the message even without scrolling down.
May God bless you both.

He is sort of a romantic partner. He made it clear h no longer wants to speak to me. I do not want to seem desperate like this is an attempt to talk to him again. I have not talked to him in over s month
I am sure he has moved on

Pride, fear etc is nothing.

You dont want to seem desperate has little to do with just plain doing what is right. Send the text leave it be (i assume the wrong warrants it)

There is danger in letting it set. Danger in later not seeing a wrong. Do right and let the rest go:)

Perhaps now you see my dilemma or hesitation. I will see how this goes. Wish me luck

Good luck and glad you are doing right :slight_smile:

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