The Lord's Prayer not prayed during our Celebration


I'm in the lector ministry.

Is it valid to skip the Our Father?
Thank you for replying.


In what context? Mass? Liturgy of the Hours? If the latter, which hour?


Same question, what kind of "Celebration?" Mass? LOTH? Bar-b-que?


In Mass it is never valid to skip the Pater Noster. But that's not the lector's duty anyways. If this happened, one should kindly mention it to the celebrating priest after Mass. If it keeps happening, then we have a problem.

In Liturgy of the Hours, also, never valid to skip the Pater Noster in those hours when it is supposed to be prayed. It is liturgy, and we cannot twist it in any way, shape, or form.


R_C is correct. For the LOTH, the Pater is recited at Lauds and Vespers in the Roman Office. In the Monastic, it is said entirely at Lauds and Vespers. At other hours, the "shorter litany" (Kyrie) is said, then the words "Pater Noster" are intoned, and the rest said silently until "et ne non inducas in tentationem" intoned by the celebrant after which the community responds "sed libera nos a malo".

This is from an ancient tradition going back to very early Christianity to pray the Pater Noster three times a day in the liturgy.


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Is it valid to skip the Our Father?




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