The Lord's Prayer

If the Lord’s prayer is the perfect prayer, why is there no clause of thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is inherent, to a certain degree, in all prayer. Addressing Him as Father is a form of thanksgiving. Recognizing that He is in heaven and created it for us to dwell in also. Hallowing His name, petitioning His will and accepting it, and so on. Offering it one day is a form of giving thanks for the day which has gone before, and in which all that we needed was received.

Implicit more than explicit.

I would guess, that it is because we are asking for things to happen and which have not yet been received.

Verses our table prayers, in which we are thanking God for the food in front of us, or for which we have already eaten.

Perfect does not mean explicitly containing all forms of prayer.

On the Lords Prayer:

“Hallowed be thy name.” To acknowledge that God is God is to give him thanks. Indeed, we can give him no higher thanks than this. :slight_smile:

According to Francis Cardinal Arinze, we owe God Adoration, Praise, Thanksgiving, Propitiation for our sins, and Petition - in that order. Why do we routinely get it backward? :confused:

Who are the “we” you are referring to? How do you know if “we” aren’t doing it already?

Class of '87 here, too. Cut me a little slack? OK, it’s only me who does that… :rolleyes:

I’m sure you’re not alone. For a long time, since the 60’s and 70’s, Catholics were taught almost nothing about such things in the wake of VII when some tossed out learning prayers, etc. to embrace the “spirit of VII” that existed only in their own minds and ideas–not in what the Church considered and still considers important for Catholic formation. Some of us who came from non-Catholic backgrounds were taught the correct way to address God, but even we learned it before the craziness of the 60’s (I’ve just dated myself, I know :p). So, don’t be discouraged. You’re learning these things now. So, go on from here in the strength of that knowledge. :thumbsup:

The Lord’s Prayer is only the most perfect prayer because, I believe, it encapsulates the Mass with much Trinitarian teaching therein, and Mass, alone, is the most perfect prayer, followed by the Rosary or the Hail Mary (the Byzantine Divine Liturgy even invokes Mary’s intercession within the actual Liturgy!).

There actually is thanksgiving found within the clauses of “give us, this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” The idea of “daily bread” alludes to the heavenly manna the Israelites received in the desert, but the actual Greek suggest a better interpretation “give us the Bread of the Presence,” which relates to the actual bread of the presence within the First and Second Temples, which was an anamnesis (re-presentation) sacrifice of the event wherein Moses, Aaron and his sons, and the seventy elders went up Mt. Sinai and they saw God and ate and drank with Him. Our Lord, however, fulfills this Old Covenant bread and these allusions (which were only preparations for the New Covenant), in the more perfect and Incarnational Eucharist, which literally, means “thanksgiving.” Whereas the “Bread of the New and Better Presence,” I believe, alludes to Christ anointed with, “giving up,” and resurrected within the Spirit, the “forgive us our trespasses” clause alludes to many Old Covenant allusions of blood making atonement. And it must be remembered that, according to Isaiah, because of the Golden Calf incident, Jesus, within the Old Covenant, never actually, truly forgave their sins…venial ones at most…the people waited in faith for the Messiah through a system of preparatory symbolic sacrifices while they remained in the condition of mortal sin they received from Adam.

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