The lost girls: Department of Health to launch investigation into reports of illegal abortions


The Department of Health has launched an investigation into claims that illegal abortions of female foetuses are taking place among some families living within ethnic communities in Britain who seek to ensure that they have sons.

A study of data from 2011 National Census carried out by The Independent has indicated that gender-selective abortions have significantly shifted the natural sex ratio of some communities in England and Wales in favour of boys.


And see now the irony of those who believe that abortion on demand is a feminist issue?

Check out Feminists for Life. They have warned us of this for years.


I really don’t understand these people. They think it is all right for a woman to pay a doctor to killher unborn child for any reason whatsoever, that it’s a “right” which not only should not be impeded but actually aided, but they take exception to one particular reason?



If this is true, they like China, are actually committing ethnic suicide.


And India, if we go by the latest census. (In fact, it’s so bad that the Indian government has actually passed a law banning gender determinations during pregnancy, but there are far too many who disobey it.)

This is repulsive. :frowning:


Yes, the “Missing Women” phenomenon. In some cases, it has been found that baby girls are left to starve, or are given food after the baby boys have had it. I cannot imagine the survivor complex those boys would have grown up. As though the death innocents was not enough they are now found traumatized by simply living in the place of a another.

Does anyone know the justifications they use?


My body, my choice.


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