The Lost Trivia Thread

Now that Lost is back, I thought I’d post a trivia thread for it. I’ll post a question and then the next person answers it and posts one as well. Let’s see our Lost IQ!
To start off:
How many Lost characters have aliases and what are their real names?

James Ford aka Sawyer
Kate aka Monica, etc.
Michael (i.e. Walt’s father) aka Kevin Johnson
Benjamin Linus aka Henry Gale
Locke’s father aka Anthony Cooper, Tom Sawyer, etc.

Those are the only ones I can think of.

Hmmm…here’s my quesiton

What song was playing when Desmond was revealed to be down in the hatch at the beginning of Season 2?

“Make your own kind of music”

my question is: Where did Locke work, when his mother found him?

I don’t know if this is specific enough, but he worked at a toy store. He was showing a kid how the game Mouse Trap works

Who did Desmond get his sailboat from?

He worked at Wal-Mart

Desmond got his boat from Libby.

What regiment did Desmond join in the military?

The Royal Scots

What sport was Boone playing when Shannon called him and asked him to rescue her in Australia?


What song did Juliet play in the first episode of Season 3, at her house in the barracks?


What is the name of the first survivor of to die on the island after the plane crash?

Edward Mars, the agent who was after Kate for so long.

What are the names of Ben’s mother and father?

Roger and Emily?

Assuming that’s correct . . .

Who was the second main character to be killed?

I was actually thinking of the guy Gary, who was sucked up into the plane jet for the first. The second would be the Captain of the plane that was killed by the “monster” the third would be Edward…

What is one of the verses from the bible that Eko has carved into his staff?

Psalm 23

What did Michael do for a living before he was on the island?


What is Ben’s mother’s name?

Emily Linus (already answered a couple of posts above).

What are the mysterious numbers?

DOH! I thought I was being coy because I was setting up my second question.

What are the mysterious numbers?

4 8 15 16 23 42

What was John Locke’s mother’s name?


Who did Boone talk to on the radio in the Beachcraft plane before it fell?


Where did Bernard and Rose get engaged?

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