'The Lost Valentine'--Paulist Productions / Hallmark CBS: Jan. 30 9PM EST

A Catholic parish website said to spread the news about this upcoming made for TV movie by Hallmark Hall of Fame.

The movie was produced in association with Paulist Productions:

Based on James Michael Pratt’s novel, and directed by Darnell Martin, the sweetly romantic, family-oriented drama premieres Sunday, Jan. 30, 9-11 p.m. EST on CBS.

Each Valentine’s Day – her wedding anniversary and the anniversary, a year later, of her husband’s departure for service in the Pacific – Caroline Thomas, touchingly played by the indefatigable Betty White, returns to the railroad station where she saw her courageous and high-minded spouse, Neil (Billy Magnussen), for the last time.

Though he was reported missing in action shortly after the birth of their son a few months later, 65 years on, Neil’s ultimate fate remains a mystery.

Assigned to cover Caroline’s story as a human interest piece, initially doubtful TV reporter Susan Allison (Jennifer Love Hewitt) rapidly finds herself drawn to the plucky octogenarian and – more significantly – to Caroline’s biggest fan, her protective grandson, Lucas (Sean Faris) . . .

If the proceedings occasionally seem over-idealized, this is, nonetheless, that current rarity: quality programming appropriate for all ages. So parents can feel entirely comfortable gathering the clan for a wholesome and inviting stroll back in time to the days of swing music, victory gardens, and demanding commitments – both personal and patriotic – fulfilled.


I have never appreciated Betty White’s style of humor, so I probably won’t watch it.

I am realllly Betty White-ed out lately.

You do realize that this is not a comedy, right? :rolleyes:

I think it looks like a lovely movie, and something on television that might actually be worth watching. I plan to settle in Sunday night and watch.


Well, suit yourself, but that’s cutting off your nose to spite your face. It’s clear from the promos that this is not a comedy.

Looking forward to this; sounds like a lovely, touching movie. Hallmark generally does a very good job (I like watching their movies just for the great commercials!)

That sounds like cutting off your nose to spite your face! This looked like a wonderful, uplifting family movie; I thought it was still coming up and missed it. Oh well, will have to wait to see it on the Hallmark Movie Channel or elsewhere. :frowning:

My husband and I watched it and we both enjoyed it very much.
He is almost 80 and he blubbered right along with me.

Betty White did a great job, and so did Jennifer Love Hewitt.

I taped it and will plan on watching it again.

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