The Love Comes Softly Movie Series

was just wondering if anyone has seen any of the Love Comes Softy Movies…they are christian movies and they are soo soo good! just wanted to chat about them and see what others thought about them if they had seen them!

God Bless!


Some of my favorite movies! They’re SO good and family friendly…was so sad when Hallmark Channel was cut from my parents’ cable line-up but I have some on DVD and I found a few on youtube. But I was kind of disappointed the movies are different from the books, but they’re all still wonderful movies.

Yes. Have seen them and for the most part was pleased with them. Overall quite good.

Our supplier (Dish network) gave us a free month of a station called PIXL which carries many “made for TV” family friendly movies commercial free and ran many of these movies during the month.


I like them. They are good, wholesome, entertaining stories.

i thought so too! i wish there were more movies like those out there!..and i have not read the books i really want to though!..are they better than the movies?

Except for the first movie, the movies don’t really follow the books. You really cannot compare them. I am not a fan of the style of writing but I did enjoy them.

The first one was ok but frankly I found the rest to be a bit corny. All have a B movie Little House on the Prairie type of feel. I guess if you liked High Way to Heaven you would love them. I’m not into the preachy stuff though. I prefer a little more realism…like “Bella” or “Noelle”…those were more entertaining and less preachy.

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