The love of thy God and the question I struggle with


Hi Dorothy,

The key word is **created **and why he did it.

Of course it’s great when people love God. Never said it wasn’t.

The thing about God is the more we hate him the more he loves us. Please don’t take this the wrong way and purposely hate God but his love is so strong he doesn’t let any of his sheep to be lost.

Do people have children so that child can love them or do they have children so they can love that child and give it life?


If when the child grows up, he turns away from the love and wisdom shown him and remains stubbornly in it far away from his loving parents, in spite of the depth of love shown him,…then what can the parents do? They mourn and suffer over the love refused, and pray that he returns.

We have a lot of chances to repent in this life. God lets us have our choice.


I am not talking about what a human does after he is born but the reason why they are born.

What is a parent to do after is never give up like God. Obviously easier said than done.

Humbling oneself and saying sorry is what everyone needs to do.


Praise is how angels show their love to God.

No offence, please dont scrutinise my posts too much.

To see what I really say on the purpose of man’s creation in a scrutinisable format, see the baltimore catechism.


Some food for thought as Volim and Dorothy discuss their views.

God loves sinners

God commanded children to obey and honour their parents.

There are some differences between humans having childern and God creating humans.


The tree just represents mans freedom to choose whether or not to obey, whether he’ll consciously recognize God as God and remain subjugated to Him…or not. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil came into existence as a direct and unavoidable consequence of man’s being given the gift of free will-the two are inseparably linked.


After years of mulling that question around in my mind I have finally found the best answer! Thank You!


I find it interesting that that “Gift” of free will could by some Catholics/Religions cost millions/billions their lives? Is it really a gift then? Especially with Satan around?

Or is everybody saved?


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