The Love Shown to Us by Jesus in the Passion

There is a new Catholic Audiobook available for those who are interested, I have taken excerpts from the Writings of Saint Alphonsus Ligouri on the Passion of Christ.

Here is a brief excerpt from the first chapter.
“But the love that he bears to man seems to be that which is the dearest and most beloved to him, for it appears as though, in love, he had preferred man to the angels, since he has been willing to die for men and not for the fallen angels.”

You can listen or read the first Chapter here

You can click on this link to download all nine chapters of the Catholic Audiobook,

God Bless!

Is it accurate to say He loved man more than angels? The angels were fully aware of God and chose to give Him up, preferring Hell. Wasn’t it more of impenitence on their part than a lack of love on God’s?

Saint Alphonsus was being poetic and he also says “seems”, but God did take upon himself a human nature and not an angelic one. :slight_smile:

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