The Luminous Mysteries/The Mysteries of Light


For those of you who do pray the Rosary, do you include the Luminous Mysteries or not, and why?


Yes because they are another way to meditate on Jesus’ life.


I do. And I do because new traditions are as good as the old tradition. The rosary itself evolved when it began too, no reason why it can’t continue to evolve. It would be nice if there was a different set of mysteries for every day of the week!


Yes, especially for last minute intentions.


I don’t. I simply prefer the joyful ones on Thursdays.


I don’t know about that. There really isn’t enough to make three more sets of mysteries.


Yes. For the reason that they were added, to have more of Christ’s life to contemplate.


There could be 5 miracles of Christ. There could be 5 post resurrection appearances. There could be 5 messianic prophecies Christ fulfilled


I stick to the old standby …if it aint broke dont fix it. :slight_smile:


I do that too.


Then they would overlap and most of the prophecies were fulfilled in the 20 decades.


There is a group of ladies that meet at my home every Monday afternoon to say the Scriptural Rosary and other prayers, prayers for priests, five minutes of quiet time, the Litany of our Blessed Mother, intercessory prayer, etc. Prayer time is for one hour. Then some social time and coffee.

We rotate the mysteries that we say when we get together, and yes, we include the Luminous Mysteries. They fit in right before the Sorrowful Mysteries.


Plus, Pope John Paul II never made the Luminous Mysteries a requirement when praying the Rosary. He only suggested them in Rosarium Virginis Mariae. Also, I find that the third and the fourth decades (The Proclamation of the Kingdom and The Transfiguration, respectively) of the Luminous Mysteries are the harder ones to meditate on, especially the third one, since it does not focus on one particular event.


The Transfiguration has a lot going on.


Didn’t Jesus only appear to the apostles 3 times, after His Resurrection but before his Ascension?


I’m thinking Mary Magdalene. Pentacost. Then walking with two apostles. Then Thomas. Then peter


Mary Magdalene and Pentecost are already part of the Glorious Mysteries.


Pentecost happened after Jesus ascended into Heaven. That’s why the 2nd decade is the Ascension, and the 3rd decade is the Descent of the Holy Spirit, for the Glorious Mysteries.


I stick to the traditional 15 decades. It makes a lot more sense than having 20 decades.


Yep. The appearance to Mary Magdalene was a part of the First Glorious Mystery, which is the Resurrection.

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