The Lutheran Rosary


It’s a private little devotion I use ( after consulting with my pastor whether or not it’s in keeping with LCMS Lutheranism about two years ago). I have a link to its use and how the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod regards it ( as long as it’s used as an aid to meditation, it’s apparently fine):,
and here are a couple of links regarding Lutheran Mariology in general:,

I offer this hesitantly and as merely a suggestion :o, because I have benefited from saying the Lutheran Rosary in the sense that my thoughts more easily turn to these Mysteries of the Life of Christ during the regular hubbub of a normal day

Non-Catholics praying the Rosary?

Interesting. Thank you for bringing this topic to our attention. I can honestly say I had no idea any branch of Lutheranism utilized the rosary. I always figured Anglicans were the only ones that kept anything like the rosary in use outside of Catholicism (albeit in our modified Anglican Prayer Bead form).


I suppose it depends on the Lutheran. A lot of Lutherans would be wary about using a devotion like this in the same way they would be wary about making the Sign of the Cross at the Invocation, or after corporate ( or private) Confession and Absolution, although such impressions are seen by some as sorely misguided:,,


there also is an Anglican rosary.


Wow, I had no idea there was such a thing as a Lutheran or Anglican rosaries. Excellent. :thumbsup:


Sort of. Anglican Prayer beads are somewhat similar to a rosary.

However it has less beads, only 33 (representing the traditional 33 years of Christ’s life). And they’re in 4 groupings of 7 beads or “weeks” instead of the Catholic 5 groupings of 10.

The Lutheran rosary by comparison appears to be in some cases physically the same as the Catholic rosary with the exception of the crucifix exchanged for a cross (though I’m not sure that last part is a hard and fast rule either as the picture below shows).

I’ve also found “Lutheran rosaries” as below which split the difference and have 5 groupings of 6.


The Rosary is truly a beautiful bouquet of prayers and it does center one’s mind on the Holy Mysteries surrounding the life of our Blessed Lord.


correct. the Anglican prayer beads are designed differently and the prayers are different too. I used to have one and a booklet, but gave it to the local Episcopal church with a few other items when I converted.


Use of a crucifix is not inappropriate in any Lutheran setting. Neither is a cross. Both/and, not either/or.



The great second generation Lutheran theologian, Martin Chemnitz, with his rosary beads.


Or, amongst the motley, the standard Rosary; the only form any in my family have ever possessed.


uh-where are they?..


In his left hand, I suspect.


The first rosary beads given to me came from an Episcopalian. It was the same as the Catholic rosary. I don’t know why his would have been difficult from other Anglicans. I was not Catholic at the time so it wasn’t for my sake. I am sure praying the rosary helped lead me to the Church.


See the hand with a finger in the Bible? The Rosary beads are in his other hand.


There are beads and a medallion under his right hand. Look to be a straight string of beads though.


I see. I had to enlarge the picture quite a bit to see them. Hard to tell if they are Rosary beads, but they might be.


How do you pray the Lutheran and Episcopalian rosaries?


I’ve had this one for a number of years


I don’t have my Anglican rosary anymore or the booklet. you might be able to google it and find it on the internet.

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