The Magnificent Painting by Van Eyck on How Worship in Heaven and Worship on Earth Fuse at Mass


This painting (and an explanation of this painting) can be seen at


This is a very pretty painting. I have never seen this one before! :smiley:


You got to look at the entire thing! That’s only a panel to the entire work! It weighs over a ton, it’s so huge!

Google “Ghent Altarpiece.”


Wow, this is really wonderful…I used to be the “Picture Lady” at our son’s school. I would take a fine art print into the classroom and discuss it with the children. Do you like it, why, why do you think the artist used these colors, would you want this painting in your room, etc. I was thinking recently that this would be good to do in Catholic schools with some of our great repository of art! It would be fine to not only have prints, but sculpture, or good pictures of them. I am thinking particularly of the Crucifix about the altar in the Cathedral in Milwaukee, WI. Wish we could get that program revived…


It is truly awesome! :slight_smile:


It does? That’s amazing!


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