The Man Behind the Curtain (Secert Socities or Satan)

Hello Everyone,

I’m not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but I thought it would be a good starting place. I enjoy these Forum’s as most people on here are fairly rational, intellectually honest, and friendly. I’m either looking for information about or find out people’s thoughts about secret societies, fraternal organizations, etc. in our culture.

Let me preface this by saying that I believe about 95% of all of the information regarding these secret societies is fake and untrue. There are a ton of conspiracy theories about Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergs, the Rothschilds, etc. and most of it is either blatantly false, made up, or a sort of nonsensical amalgamation of poorly interpreted facts.

But that doesn’t mean some things sinister or evil do not exist. Let me basically tell you my thoughts on these types of groups and see if anyone has had any experiences or knowledge or even information that is credible.

One example would be the Freemasons. I agree 100% on what the Catholic Church teaches about the Freemasons for example. Do I think the average Free Mason is worshiping the devil? Of course not. Is being a member of this Fraternal Order mutually exclusive to someone who wants to worship God the Father? Yes, I believe it is. And I don’t want to debate that point. It just has been my experience with some Masons that they aren’t engaging in something sinister and evil but rather an old, odd society that has views that are not in line with what Christianity teaches. But I don’t think that among most Masons anything sinister is going on per se. Maybe in the higher degrees. But not for most members. I believe if it were the case, that information would have been leaked a long time ago. And from the information that has been leaked, it seems like just an arachric, odd type of fraternal order. Wrong, yes of course. Amongst the higher ups is there more than we know? I don’t know. That kind of information just doesn’t get out.

Are there “powers that be” that are directing society down the wrong path. Steering things toward evil perhaps? For the most part people are going to follow sin and go down the wrong path on their own, so it’s no stretch that some music and pop cultuer is about sex, drugs, murder, etc. because humans naturally are sinful. I’ve often wonder what goes on behind closed doors. Are there atheists or secularists out there who in public don’t mind laughing at the idea of God, but behind closed doors are actually in league with the Devil? Or worshiping him?

An analogy would be to the movie “Rosemary’s Baby.” The older couple in the movie at first just seems odd and strange, but as time goes on you find they are a member of a coven and are witches. Of course this is just a Hollywood movie, but I believe a good analogy to something sinister that lies out of plain sight.

I do apologize for the rambling and incohertness of this message, but it is hard to articulate: Also, I realize that one should not spend to much time or energy on these sorts of matters and just focus on God. I’m just simply trying to get others opinions and thoughts. I’ll end with some basic questions as so to cut through all of my babbling

  • Do secret societies exist?
  • If they do are they mainly harmless and ineffective or powerful?
  • If secret societies do exist, would you say that there power is little to none to somewhat influential (hard to gauge since they are secret!)
  • Does Satan influence music and pop culture in an overt way? By this I mean more than just an individual writing a song about some sin.
  • Do you believe Satan/demons directly works/influences people in high places to do his bidding?
  • What has been your experience with them? And I don’t mean general things either, like “I went to a Mason dinner and it was whatever…” Has anyone else had similar thoughts or reasoning or experiences?


You can start with the Freemasons (where if a Catholic joins he is automatically excommunicated), they are anti-Catholic and responsible for many revolutions and murders during the Age of Endarkenment.

As for “secret societies,” if they were so secret, we wouldn’t know about them.

I think there are groups that are secretive, In certain traditions of Wicca (mostly British Traditional Wiccans), members are bound by oath not to repeat what they’ve learned in a coven, for instance, but as for secret societies secretly running everything behind our backs? Well, it kind of defeats the purpose of them being secret if people know about them. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • If they do are they mainly harmless and ineffective or powerful?

Assuming they do exist, how would any of us know? They are secret societies for a reason.

  • If secret societies do exist, would you say that there power is little to none to somewhat influential (hard to gauge since they are secret!)

See above.

  • Does Satan influence music and pop culture in an overt way? By this I mean more than just an individual writing a song about some sin.

I guess so, if you believe that he has the power to do it, but to my mind this sounds a lot like the “ZOMG artists are putting Satanic messages in songs!” conspiracy theory.

  • Do you believe Satan/demons directly works/influences people in high places to do his bidding?

shrugs Satan isn’t a part of my belief system, but if I were him, I’d certainly put a bug in the ear of the higher ups!

  • What has been your experience with them? And I don’t mean general things either, like “I went to a Mason dinner and it was whatever…” Has anyone else had similar thoughts or reasoning or experiences?

I did a presentation on the Rosicrucians in high school. I sent an email to AMORC and they answered a few questions I had. They were very polite and professional. The British Traditional Wiccans I’ve talked to online are very nice, there are just certain questions they aren’t able to answer. (The names of the God and Goddess they worship are kept secret, for instance.)

In sum, I think there are definitely societies that are secretive but no society is completely secret in this day and age.

One little note. I guess when I say “secret” societies, I do not really mean something that the general population has absolutely NO knowledge about whatsoever. Do things like that exist? Probably, maybe, who knows.

I’m talking more about groups that the public is semi-aware of but have closed membership. So to say, “Well, if they are secret we never would know about them,” is kind of a misnomer. We know some things about the Masons for instance and they are a fairly “secret” society. Much of went on in LDS temples was hidden from the public until the 1980s when some authors published their goingons.

My question is more to the heart of evil and who and what is directing things behind the scenes. How much? To what extent? How sinister? etc. Again, I think most of the answers are going to be speculation or conjecture.

I was a Mason for about forty years ( mostly in name only ) until I became a member of the LC-MS when I resigned because of LC-MS rules. But when I was active in the lodge, we had Catholics that became members and were active. I guess that they gave lip service their Church requirements.

I remember my old pastor saying he thought the “Illuminati” were “alive and well”. He wasn’t much given to last days stuff, as he thought most of it was of American origin, and a “bit weird”.

But he felt there was a consortium of powerful people who were putting things in place towards a world dictatorship. I also think it will be American enforced, since the USA is the only power with a world wide military clout, typified by US Air Force officers firing Hellfire missiles from drones at Taliban suspects in Afghanistan and Pakistan, while using something like a play station at Edwards Air Force Base, and listening in to 90% of all radio and mobile phone transmissions, and who knows what percentage of internet traffic.

You’ve got carrier battle groups and nuclear submarines in every ocean that could destroy a lot of nations just by themselves if they used their nuclear option.

His comment was “It might even by ‘good’ at first, but eventually everything would have to be done for America.”

And he wasn’t very often wrong when it came to predicting future events. He was prophetic. But of course he wouldn’t have hard and fast evidence. The reason he would know was God was telling him, hence his accuracy. The trouble with that is that God could swear black and blue that information he was giving someone by spiritual means was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but it wouldn’t stand up for a minute in a human court of law because there’d be no physical evidence.

I will add one comment he made. He thought that if there was to be an Australian “King” (you know, the ten “kings” who are supposed to form part of the human anti-Christ’s world wide administration team), then he nominated a certain Australia politician. He commented, “He’ll be a real little tyrant. About the only thing we’ll have going for us will be his age. I don’t see all these things happening till he’s in his seventies”.

The pastor died himself in 1992. But the politician he had in mind is now 72, and 73 this year. And it was notable that when this politician was in power in high office, he was very pro-American, ingratiatingly so.

So if he was right, these things aren’t too far off.

I happened to be in Toronto during the G20 conference there. I suspect that I am not the only one who suspects that it was a coven that started the riots and trouble. We know, for example, that the group that conducted the activity and burnt the police cruisers was, in fact, an organization that planned these attacks weeks and months beforehand. They were not random or spontaneous. We know from news reports that they were members of some anarchist web group. I suspect that this was merely the front or cover for the coven. They were anything but poor; they were not unstable youths but men, and we also know that the attacks were meant to be anti-State in note and character. This, of course, is domestic terrorism in every respect, but these men were not charged with terrorism, but essentially with jeuvenilism and damaging property. That’s a slap on the wrist for what was so patently a knowing, deliberate and wilful act of crime that could have got people killed and was meant to encourage crime and anarchy and make the State appear powerless. Certainly it was a kind of prelude to the Occupy movement that has a heavy anarchist bent and tone and likewise has drawn the attention of another web-anarchist group that effectively plans and commits terrorism and is also anarchistic. That this aspect cannot but cause the public to turn away from the legitimate concerns of some protestors demonstrates the perniciousness of satanic covens and their love of hijacking or otherwise spoiling things and vitiating society. The similarities between the Occupy movement and the G20 protests in Toronto are therefore striking and difer only in scale.

Now covens are a one-up from Freemasonry, which is mere childsplay by comparison, but covens unlike Masonry are extremely secretive and rarely are they found out. They are detected chefly by their effects and activity, with the trademarks being of course murder (made to look like suicide) and fire. True Satanism is a diabolic inversion of Catholicism and one can be raised a craddle Satanist as much as one can be raised a cradle Catholic.

Masonry is Lucifereanism i.e. the worship of the angel who masquerades as being of the light. Hence Masons are constantly being told that they are being given or brought to the light. Hence the so-called “enlightenment” that was a product of Masonic philosophy and teaching. Masonry is vitiating to society, i.e. it weakens it and especially its ability to combat and deter sin through its liberalism, but Masonry is designed in such a way that the man can actually interpret it as good or something ideal. Satanism on the other hand is absolutely secret and there is no doubt about its being evil. But being evil for the satanist is good. It’s a deliberate paradox since confusion is something desirable. It is out-and-out evil and the worship of Satan is deliberate and done knowingly instead of worshipping God. There are no atheists in covens. Satanism is a diabolical inversion of Catholicism, including the Sacramental system. The coven is to the lodge what black magic is to white magic - both are wicked practices but one is evil for evil’s sake and the other does evil thinking it does good.


Never harmless. Child abuse is chronic. Killing and being killed is a very real possibility. Terrifyingly effective. Powerful? No or, I should say, only as powerful as we suffer or permit them to be or as any one Satanist allows himself to be controlled and ruled.

Covens are all about influence, such that we (Christians) are taught to resist them per chance we come across their enticements, threats or allurements. The lodge entices you. The coven threatens to kill you and ideally you don’t join the coven to become rich but for the greater glory of Satan.

Are you serious?

Read the lyrics to Katy Perry’s E.T. It’s about Lucifer -not aliens. Katy Perry publicly and quite frankly admitted to selling her soul -you can tell she was not kidding in the interview and such was the frankness of the confession, so to speak, that the interviewer felt obliged to save her face by making it sound like a joke.

Yes. And they (the possessed) do it voluntarily.

Never pleasant. Avoid them like the death. These people are extremely dangerous and so morally compromised that you cannot trust them in anything nor should you condescend to assume that you are smarter than them: Pride comes before the fall. They are merciless. Cruelty is for them a virtue; telling the truth, a sin. We are talking about people who believe the best sacrifice a man can make to God is a dead, infant baby boy.

A mason might give you an apology or excuse for Cain’s murder of his brother Abel, but he still makes appeals to reason or morality. That is one example of an experience. He tries to give another’s sin the colour of innocency. A member of a coven, however, will make you into another Abel and actually believe that what Cain did was heroic. For the member of a coven sin and crime is virtuous. Another example by contrast is a man telling you that he reads the Bible to his children every night. He means it. Then he tells you that he points out to his children how God is a “mass murderer” or a “genocidal maniac” for ordering the army of Israel to wipe-out the Philistines or for the Flood or for Soddom and Gomorrah. Again, Satanism is the complete inversion of Christianity. They pray dutifully and have devotions to their “saints.” They regularly attend to worship. They have a highly sophisticated philosophy that is so well developed and viciously effective that it practically requires one to be a Scholastic (“Schoolman”) in order to expose its subtleties and errors and effectively counteract, detect or combat it.

Lucifer, it must be remembered, was especially gifted in intelligence. God, however, rewards Faith and fidelity; hence Saint Michael did not condescend to have an argument with the devil, but rebuked him by saying, “The Lord rebuke thee.” Saint Michael was content to do his duty for His God and not to question it. Abraham was likewise, but the angels do not have children. Perhaps this is part of the reason why (the good) angels are content to be of service to men, though they are superior to us by nature. It is exactly our comparative weakness that makes our Faith all the more lustrous.

A member of a coven likely detests the Mason and thinks him a fool, especially if the Mason thinks he or Masonry is good and legitimately wishes to do good. The satanist probably views the Mason as something of an useful idiot.

I’d be really interesting to hear your experiences within Masonry, without giving anything away really. I guess I’m just looking for Mason’s MO (modus operandi) if you will and how it relates to everyday members. Message me if you would like.


Very interesting take. Thank you for your response. I guess I never considered covens/witchcraft/Satanism that blatantly. I’m actually not sure what to make of that whole aspect. I think their are powerful, evil people in the world who will do whatever they can to get ahead, but how many are actually in league with Satan himself? I’d venture to say not many. Most people probably don’t even realize how sinful there lives are and how entrenched they are in sin and they aren’t even worshiping Satan outright.

This is actually really getting to the heart of the matter and a great example of what I want to really understand.

I admit, when I heard Katy Perry’s song E.T on the radio, I didn’t think it was the best, but after analyzing from a different perspective, it can clearly presents a sinister side. I understand popular culture and music can desensitize us and make us really accept things that are not good or of God quite easily.

But here’s a larger question. Is this HER personal doing or are there “powers that be” that are directing things toward Satan, evil, etc. How much is just a singer writing about something wrong and sinful humans accepting and liking it, and how much is being directed behind the scenes?

Once and a while you hear things leak out or someone says too much in an interview. Again the Katy Perry interview is a good example. But I’m not sure if that interview was edited and changed or not. She says “so I sold my soul to the devil.” It’s hard to tell as the audio isn’t synched right. Regardless if she outright said she did that, she has definitely gone down the wrong path with the Christian background she was raised in. Maybe she was saying it tongue in cheek and it wasn’t a literal event, but she definitely has figuratively.

Then of course their are stars like Bob Dylan (who’s has been back and forth with religion a lot) who outright said on 60 minutes he made a “bargain with the chief commander…on this earth and in the world we can’t see.” This can be found on Youtube as can Katy Perry’s comments.

Dave Chappelle has hinted that there is a whole underside to Hollywood we don’t see. And I don’t think he was talking about too much money, to much fame, etc too quickly. In an interview on The Actor’s Studio he questions Hollywood and what is happening (or has been always gone on in Hollywood) and that the environment is sick. Of course many Christians already know this, but he seems to be suggesting there is more to it than just meets the eye.

I remember Father Corapi (I know now he’s a fallen priest) once saying that people would literally pray to the devil over cocaine and other drugs, as would record company executives. I know he’s not a reliable source, but I’m wondering if stuff like that actually happens.

I think this is moving in an unfortunate direction of slandering people and casting slurs on them which is dubious. Dylan has indeed gone back and forth from Judaism to Christianity at points but alleging he or Katy Perry have literally sold their souls to Satan seems perilously close to mud slinging.

I in no way meant this to be insulting or mudslinging toward either Dylan or Katy Perry. Another poster mentioned Perry and the interview. I question the validity of that clip (it may be fake). And as for Dylan, I simply quoted his words from a 60 minutes interview. Only God can judge them, I can only pray for them. It was nothing against them personally.

Perhaps moving to more of an abstract discussion would prevent anyone from going down that path.

I joined the Masons because of office politics, where I worked at the time the owner and his son were big time Masons and the area had a lot of Masons that were Lutheran ( ELCA ) and Methodist. The next place where I worked was also influenced by the Masonic Blue Lodge and the Irem Temple.
When I joined the Blue Lodge, I had a background check, it takes only one member to block your membership. I had to go through three steps be a Regular Member. The lodge has an altar in the center of the lodge room with a Bible opened up to the Gospel of St. John with a compass and a square on it. All prayers at the lodge are to a generic god so that anybody can be a Mason. The god is the god of the universe. Most Protestants and other religions do not have a problem with this. The LC-MS has the same position as the Catholic Church when it comes to the Masons. The LC-MS will not pray with non- Christians or worship with non-Christians. They consider the lodge meeting a worship service. Most of the time that I was a Mason, I just paid my dues but did not go to lodge meetings. I do not regret giving up the Masons to join the LC-MS.

I recommend the book “Them” by Jon Ronson. It’s an entertaining read on the topic of secret societies, and adds a refreshing dose of mundane reality.

The story of Laurel Canyon, Hollywood should be of interest to you then. It’s written from a secular viewpoint but even he cannot at times but see something utterly demonic going on. The sheer number of suspicious deaths and suicides defies imagination. The story of the Hippy Generation is a long story of death, death and yet more death. It was ground zero for the hippy/free-love movement. A lot of interesting names come into play, such as the Doors, Jack Nicholson, Mick Jager and so on. Some are directly involved (with Laurel), others indirectly. But what is astounding is how closely linked these people all were, e.g. how many of them were the children of Navy Intelligence officers and must have spent a lot of time together growing up on various U.S naval bases:

“There’s something happening here
What it is ain’t exactly clear”

That article has numerous factual errors, first up Jim Morrison’s father was not an admiral in 1964. He was promoted to rear admiral only in 1966.

Although not all the information (dates and posts etc) is factual I do think that alot also is factual based on my own reading and it is astounding to find out how so many calebrities, high ranking military officials, global banking executives and politicians are connected by blood ties to each other. All areas of influence in society seem to have some key players who are connected (commerce, politics, entertainment, proecive services etc).

Really interesting.

I don’t know if what goes on there is sinister. They do have an idol of sorts (shrine). I went into the Mason’s Temple once. There is also some ritual that has to do with a woman scantily dressed being carried around. I don’t know anything beyond that.
I wouldn’t say they teach Christ’s message judging by what I saw. I don’t know if the ritual was just that the woman was being carried around, or if there was more to it than that. I wouldn’t want to become involved by it though, because I think there is a worship involved of some idol, whether a person or shrine.

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