The Man Without A Country

I read this years ago. It should be required reading. I encourage folks like peacemonger or other Nolan’s to read it.

Some excerpts:

"…when the president of the court asked him at the close, whether he wished to say anything to show that he had always been faithful to the United States, he cried out, in a fit of frenzy:
“Damn the United States! I wish I may never hear of the United States again!”

" He never did hear her name but once again. From that moment, September 23, 1807, till the day he died, May 11, 1863, he never heard her name again. For that half century and more he was a man without a country.
Old Morgan, as I said, was terribly shocked. If Nolan had compared George Washington to Benedict Arnold, or had cried, “God Save King George,” Morgan would not have felt worse. He called the court into his private room, and returned in fifteen minutes, with a face like a sheet, to say:
“Prisoner, hear the sentence of the Court. The Court decides, subject the approval of the President that you never hear the name of the United States.”

" Washington, (with the date, which must have been late in 1807)

 Sir, - You will receive from Ltd. Neale the person of Philip Nolan, late a Lieutenant in the United States Army.
 This person on his trial by court-martial expressed with an oath the wish that he might never hear of the United States again.
 The court sentenced him to have his wish fulfilled.
 For the present, the execution of the order is entrusted by the President to this department.
 You will take the prisoner on board your ship, and keep him there with such precautions as shall prevent his escape.
 You will provide him with such quarters, rations, and clothing as would be proper for an officer of his late rank, if he were a passenger on your vessel on the business of his Government.
 The gentleman on board will make any arrangements agreeable to themselves regarding his society. He is to be exposed to no indignity of any kind, nor is he ever unnecessarily to be reminded that he is a prisoner.
 But under no circumstances is he ever to hear of his country or to see any information regarding it; and you will especially caution all the officers under your command to take care that, in the various indulgences which may be granted, this rule, in which his punishment is involved, shall not be broken.
 It is the intention of the Government that he shall never again see the country which he has disowned. Before the end of your cruise you will receive orders which will give effect to this intention.

 Resp'y Yours,

 W. SOUTHARD, for the Sec'y of the Navy "

"Most heartily we beseech Thee with Thy favor to behold and bless Thy servant, the President of the United States, and all others in authority - and the rest of the Episcopal collect. “Danforth,” said he, “I have repeated those prayers night and morning, it is now fifty-five years.” And then he said he would go to sleep. He bent me down over him and kissed me; and he said, “Look in my Bible, Danforth, when I am gone.” And I went away.
But I had no thought it was the end. I thought he was tired and would sleep. I knew he was happy, and I wanted to be alone.
But in an hour, when the doctor went in gently, he found Nolan had breathed his life away with a smile. He had something pressed close to his lips. It was his father’s badge of the Order of Cincinnati.
We looked in his Bible, and there was a slip of paper, at the place where he had marked the text:
"They desire a country, even a heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city."
On this slip of paper he had written,
"Bury me in the sea; it has been my home, and I love it. But will not some one set up a stone for my memory at Fort Adams or at Orleans, that my disgrace may not be more than I ought to bear? Say on it:


He loved his country as no other man has loved her; but no man deserved less at her hands."


[quote=cestusdei]I read this years ago. It should be required reading. I encourage folks like peacemonger or other Nolan’s to read it.

At the school I attended it was -

[quote=HagiaSophia]At the school I attended it was -

Mine also!

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