The mandrake


At Jesus’ crucifixion, apparently in the gospels the soldiers offered Jesus some vinegar soaked on a sponge to drink as a response to Jesus saying “I am thirsty”. And we all thought they were increasing their cruelty therefore. Well, FYI, this is apparently not correct, as typically what the soldiers offered crucifixion victims was wine of mandrake soaked on a sponge, being an act of mercy towards the sufferer, since the mandrake would render the victim unconscious and thus end their suffering. Mandrake is an ancient hallucinogenic which will bring on unconsciousness.

However, as we know, Jesus refused the sponge - and so His suffering would have continued.


Good point! And remember, too, when Jesus said, “I thirst”, he meant that he thirsts for souls AND for love.

We can help bring him souls when we too offer up our suffering in union with his Cross for the salvation of souls.

And we can console him by spending time with him in the Blessed Sacrament. If Catholics really believe that Jesus is present in the tabernacle, why would they not seek to visit Him more often and show him a small sign of their love for him?

Can a person honestly say, “I am just too busy.”?


Thank you for replying. There’s always a lot in the gospels and in the facts.

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