The Mark of the Beast: Revisited

I’ve spent a large amount of time studying this from a Catholic Perspective. One of the Doctors of the Catholic Church has written on this topic. His name is St Robert Bellarmine. His writings are not in English and I was not able to find a complete translation. But I have found people who came up with ideas and used his writings to back them.

Some pointers when studying the book of revelations.

First off, remember that the Catholic Teaching on the book of revelations is that it encompusas the whole time referanced as the last days, not just a small part of it at the end. This means it is from when Jesus was here the last time, until he comes again. This is why people can always point to what is going on and say, see it is in revelations we are near the end. Of course something is going on that is in revelations and something will always be going on in revelations until he comes again.

Second off, it is written in symbols. I am not for reading most of the bible as symbols, like I believe the flood really happened. However, revelations from its inception was intended as an apocrypha type writing. Which means the symbols have meanings.

Third off, it is written in categorical not chronological order. It was a common writing style of the time. Therefore the events appear the jump around.

Now you asked about the mark of the beast being the biochip? Like some have already mentioned, I don’t care what the Church teaches, common sense is that it goes against natural law. And the Catholic Church teaches that violating natural law is a sin.

666 actually written in original text DCLXVI which is important when deciphering the meaning. It is not 6 6 6. In short it means a covenant with death. It is symbolic for death to promise not to take you (That is from a Jewish commentary of what the number would mean to the Jews at the time). Notice later in revelations the people who take the mark are tossed into the fire alive.

A little in site into the biochip which is now being marketed as the Universal ID chip. It can literally communicate with your DNA. And from very reliable sources, I’ve been told the biochip can be programmed to make somebody never die. Furthermore, it will include an RFID chip so they can always identify you and a gps chip so they can track you.

Furthermore the people in the government who try to promote it, even call it the mark of the beast in private. I know that because I know some of them.

I think it is hard for anybody to deny the biochip will be the mark of the beast. Private or not, the evidence is overwhelming.

If somebody believes it will not be the mark of the beast, I would like to hear why.

The mark of the beast already happened. It was a brand or tattoo put on Roman soldiers and slaves as a sign of ownership.

There is nothing to see here.


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Koo-koo-ka-choo, Mrs. Robinson,
Jesus loves you more than you will know.

A decade ago it was bar codes (we were all gonna get bar codes tattooed on our foreheads).

Before that it was Social Security numbers. Before that it was drivers’ licenses. Every time we get better forms of identification it’s the Mark of the Beast. Give me a break.

No chip can do what you are claiming. The problem is power consumption, and it’s a basic problem of science that cannot be solved.

RFID chips have no power source. They acquire power by being placed within an electromagnetic field. In science, there’s something called the Inverse Square Law (a fundamental law of physics). It means that the strength of an electromagnetic signal decreases in proportion to the square of the distance traveled.

That means the RFID chip has to be near the source of the electromagnetic field (typical chips have a range of four inches). Sure, you could use a field strong enough to power a chip as far away as 20 or 30 feet, but it would have to be so strong that it would burn skin (actually, melt skin) at closer distances (it would be like a microwave oven, only much more powerful).

GPS systems require an active power source to receive the signal, and you need a transmitter to send the results. How long does the battery in your cellphone last? A few days, tops, right? Look at the size of your battery. And you’re gonna put that on a chip? That is implanted into the skin?

It’s much more realistic to imagine that cellphones are the mark of the beast. At least phones can actually do all of the things that your Beast Chip can do.

BTW, the Inverse Square Law is also the reason why we could never pick up transmissions from extraterrestrial planets (and they could never pick up our transmissions). Over a distance of light years the signal strength would so weak that it would be easily overwhelmed by (and indistinguishable from) the background radiation of space (and because the background radiation of space is actually the only known non-quantum phenomena that is truly random, the signals could never be separated).

Thanks David for an excellent explanation. i learned a lot.

I agree that the mobile phone already ticks the boxes.

It’s becoming virtually impossible to interact with mammon in any meaningful way unless you have one. We walk around with it in our hand or next to our head. It’s a GPS device. A web browser. A camera. A watch. A pay-wave credit card. A time management calendar.

The sort of ‘big-data’ analytics that’s made available via our digital fingerprints is mind-boggling.

For all those who claim this refers to something that already happened long ago, Ive always thought it strange, that in modern times, we can easily see we are reaching a point, where some kind of ‘mark’ on certain people could be useful to ‘the enemy’, to receive it, you would have to swear your self to him/ the state/ whatever power may be, but the point is, you would have to deny your faith to receive this.

I think this ties into the grand deception God said he would send upon us, I think ‘something’ will come up soon, some event, that will rock our core beliefs, it will split nations, just like the SSM is doing, just like the rebel flag debate is doing,but this will be on a much larger scale, I really think at some point eventually, someone is going to either discover or find something that seems to point to a different story of the creation of mankind, I think this will be so convincing, it will fool ALOT of people, maybe even the church herself, or some within the church, eventually laws will be made to prevent people from worshiping or taking part in religions, they will claim that this ‘discovery’ proved our creation, to continue worshiping an old theory is wrong and should be outlawed.

A certain mark to identify people quickly would be a very useful tool in a world like this, of course, it will have to be something most people consider popular, if it brings up images of doomsday, the 4 horsemen, food lines, stormtroopers marching down the streets, people arent going to buy into that, it will have to be something people think is harmless, could never be used against the public. Satan is MUCH more intelligent than any of us, I have no doubt whatever he comes up with, will likely fool many many people, it is going to look very good on first look, will seem like a great thing!

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