The mark of the beast


I was a target with my mom for grocery shopping and my mom had forgot her credit card at home so she used her debit card. She didn’t want to have to pay it off later so she went into the customer service room so she could pay it off right then.

I was looking around, not really paying attention to anyone, just staring off into space. And then I saw something. The woman working behind the customer service desk had a tattoo on her hand. It was a triangle with a circle in the middle and it was connected by vines (I think that was a way to mask it as ‘artistic.’) If you don’t know, that’s a satanic symbol and it represents the all seeing eye.

I was saddened at first that someone would unknowingly get a tattoo of a satanic symbol on their hand like that. But then, it dawned on me: Revelation. I suddenly remembered the verse stating that the mark of the beast would be on the right hand or forehead. And I kid you not, the tattoo was on her right hand. Not her wrist, not her palm, not anywhere else. On her right hand. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I couldn’t wait to get out of there and I rushed my mom out even though she forgot something in the store. The whole experience was just really strange. The woman had Egyptian like makeup and her eyes were heavily painted and she never even looked at me, not once. You can’t tell me that was just a coincidence. She could be a freemason as they heavily operate in signs and symbols. I’m not saying that was the mark of the beast because the mark of the beast is most likely going to be a chip but it looked like some form of it. I knew it was here but I’m still in shock from seeing something like that with my own eyes.

I know I’m going to get responses from people saying I’m being paranoid and it’s no big deal but if you had seen it yourself you would know what I mean when I say there was something wrong there.


This triangle with a circle is AA, she most likely had found sobriety through AA and the tattoo was out of gratitude. Lots of those who sober up through AA get that tattoo.


It wasn’t the AA symbol. The circle was inside the triangle, not the other way around. So the circle represented the eye.


Probably not Freemason, as they don’t admit women… :smiley:


I don’t know the symbol but I know that many symbols can mean many different things. My advice to you is to reach out to people like this and try to

  1. Understand if it is a satanic symbol or not.

  2. Engage them in conversation about God

  3. Continue to pray for the person.

I’ll be praying for her and for you!


Your reaction is simply just that, your reaction. In no way does it mean I or anyone else here will have the same reaction as you.

No symbol is immune from hijacking anyways. To demonstrate my point, here are two symbols:

(This is one would probably be close to your description.)
(C’mon fantasy nuts… you know what this means. ;))


If I am not mistaken, Al-anon has a logo similar to this. That being said, it is awful strange to put ANY tattoo in the palm of the hand. I have never seen anyone do that. I saw a movie once that depicted Sodom in one scene and people had an eye tattooed on the palm of their hand.


I wouldn’t assume that it was a satanic symbol. Maybe she just liked the design.


Hello Flying.

No it isn’t an eye it is the symbol for Al-Anon, the program of recovery for families and friends of alcoholics. AA uses a triangle inside a circle, while Al-Anon reverses it to a triangle with and circle or a dot inside. It really has nothing to do with satanic symbolism. The vines around it probably represent to the barer her extended “family” in the rooms of Recovery in Al-Anon were they affirm each other in membership by “adoption” of each other as a new “family” of recovering persons. Some are so devastated by the disease of alcoholism in their families of origin that the only “family” they have are those they find in the rooms of recovery. Those vines are that her - awareness that she is part of the vine, one of the branches and her family is obviously Al-Anon.

Be careful of looking for the devils’ works every where. You may find what you are looking for, but not in the way you expect it. Not all those who have tattoos are devil worshipers nor should you judge them for a fashion statement cause most of the times these days that is really all it is a fashion statement or an act of teenaged rebellion. Don’t judge others by them.





Are you talking about a tattoo of the eye of providence (like the one you find on a dollar bill)? It’s actually a Christian symbol for the all-seeing eye of God. Some groups like the freemasons have used a version of it, but that doesn’t make it evil.

Here’s an old thread on it.


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