The Martini Curve Revisited | George Weigel

I found this very interesting, still digesting


George Weigel is frequently correct, and his insight presented here is right on the money.


I didn’t think it was interesting at all, besides the fact that Weigel doesn’t seem to understand what Cardinal Martini was talking about. Maybe he has correlation confused with causation, or maybe Weigel is a convert, IDK. But everyone I know who comes from a Catholic family, going back at least several generations, would agree with Cardinal Martini.

Weigel’s example of Catholicism within the German speaking world as being a local Church which is collapsing because it’s trying to keep up with the times is a little bit of a stretch. And that’s his premier example. Which is not a real example at all, but just a generalization seemingly based on Catholic media talking points about those terrible German bishops. He ignores the fact that Christianity is taking it lumps all throughout Europe, Protestant and Catholic alike.

Aside from having no concrete examples to point to, his article is dripping with an obvious bias towards, for lack of a better term, traditionalism.

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