The martyred Trappist monks of Tibhirine

Does anyone know whether any actions to open the cause of these martyrs have ever begun? Their story is told in the movie “Of Gods and Men.”


Of Gods and Men is a beautiful and moving film, and the book about them, Christian Martyrs for a Muslim People by Martin McGee OSB is good too.

I love the Martyrs of God, all of them. I’ve prayed to many for strength and faithfulness and help on many occasions and have always had my prayers answered. I think it would be a great honor (major understatement) if I was chosen to bear witness to the Faith with the sacrifice of my life’s blood. I would willingly and lovingly lay down my life for Jesus and His Church in a heartbeat. I guess I’ve been inspired by their witness through the years.

O Holy Martyrs of God, Pray for us and obtain for us the grace to love God as much as you did.


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