The Mary Poppins Horror Movie

Trailer #1:

Trailer #2:

Dick van Dyck [sp?] music video:

It’s all in the editing.

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

That was creepy!! It goes to prove that yes, it ‘is’ all in the editing. :slight_smile:

Oh, and do not forget the feel-good family movie of the year, Shining:smiley:


Great fun!

Ok, that was beyond creepy!! But great fun; thanks for the laugh :slight_smile:

They also did a cool “West Side Story” Zombie Horror movie trailer.

That’s just plain funny.

I found it!

That was great! Although the purist in me objects to altering the movie footage by making the “zombies” eyes glow like that. What I loved about the other ones was that they went with straight film footage, except for maybe a little blurring around the edges and shadowing…


That’s the first time I’ve seen the West Side Story one. It was great. But the Shining as a romantic comedy is the greatest fake trailer ever.

Uncle Buck


Check out this Diff’rent Strokes intro. Only the music has been changed.

Those were fun! Especially the Mary Poppins one.

I didn’t like the West Side Story one, for the glowing eyes, but especially because there’s nothing that gives it away as WSS. All the other ones, I could recognize easily - and I haven’t even seen Uncle Buck or The Shining. The extremely short clips they picked for WSS could have been from Cops and/or from a Spanish-language soap opera.

OK, enough griping. Post more of them! How about some Shakespeare? Dickens? Ooh, I know… Love Story!



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