The Mass as an Offering

Praying the Divine Mercy chaplet reminds me that I don’t understand the context of the Eucharist being our offering of the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus to the Father. I understand that I RECEIVE the living Eucharist for my salvation - that this is how God continuously nourishes me by Christ’s sacrifice. I’m just unclear on how and why we offer Christ to the Father. Is it that Christ offered Himself to the Father on the cross, then He tells us to continue the offering of this Sacrifice, “Do this in memory of Me”? I have many years of protestant (albeit Lutheran, sacramental) thinking to reform. Thanks for your help:)


You are offering up His passion, everything He went through and basically thanking God for giving His son to us to die for our sins.

The graces and blessings you receive by going to Mass you can offer them for the intention for the Holy Souls in purgatory.

In my understanding in the Mass we are offering that belong to us: our presence, our prayers, our donations.

The priest, in our name offers the bread and wine (what was brought in as human effort) and as representative of Christ by His ordination offers Christs sacrifice.

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