The Mass Is Royal!


Consider yourself a queen at Mass, for you are treated royally at the Eucharisitc celebration, though you are unworthy of such treatment: the priest proclaims the day, he leads you in exalting the King, you hear about the wondrious works of the King, which make you pant after Him, and finally, after giving Him thanks and praise, you do unite yourself with the King, becoming one, just as a bride becomes one with her groom in the marital consummation. And being united, you do offer it to the King, give Him thanks and praise, and than, together with Him, go out to work amongst the citizens of His Kingdom, especially the poor.

And the Lord, in the Mass, shows husbands and wives how to love each other, how to treat each other worthily during relations, and how to daily make peace with one another. This is especially seen in the Book of Revelations, which is very much like the best of romance: the King goes away on business with some of His men, promising to return, but as He is gone His servants turn wicked and begin to fight to take over the Kingdom, but the King’s armies do defend the Kingdom; yet the servants manage to make a dragon, who begins to destroy the Kingdom and threatens to devour the Queen. Finally, the King returns with His own men, and He defeats the wicked servants, and, saving His Queen from the dragon, consummates His marriage with her, for all eternity.

This is all my personal opinion, so feel free to correct my errors. :slight_smile:


Yes, we are called by God to be Kingly, Priestly, and Prophetic people. :thumbsup:


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