The Mass on EWTN - what do you think?

:slight_smile: I sometimes watch the daily Mass on EWTN. I think that it’s a good example of what the ‘novus ordo’ Mass was meant to be… it follows the rubrics very well, imo, there’s no liturgical abuse, and it’s reverent and overall a very good Mass! what do you think? Does anyone else here watch it? I think if all parishes followed this model, no one would really complain about the ‘novus ordo’ like we see happening :wink:

God bless

I agree with you :thumbsup:

I’ve seen it several times.

I wish they would use more incense, chant the collects and readings… but I’m Byzantine. What can I say?


that happens in the Byzantine liturgy and the TLM :slight_smile:
but this is just a daily Mass… I don’t think they’d use so much incense there. Maybe they do on Sundays…

it’s still soo much better than at some parishes :frowning: it’s reverent… many people receive the Eucharist kneeling… I think it’s just really well done overall. =)

does anyone know what church it’s filmed at?

You’re right. I grew up Roman and now regularly attend a Byzantine Catholic Church.

What’s ‘novus ordo’ mean?

Also known as, The Mass of Pope Paul VI, promulgated by Pope Paul VI after the Vatican II. It is the ordinary form of the Roman Rite Mass.

That’s the short version :smiley:

You mean the Mass of Pope Paul VI also known as the Ordinary Form of the Mass?

I think they are pretty good. They can be a bit too severe at times depending on the celebrant; the homilies often last too long (again, depending on the celebrant) and I miss. the sign of peace (it’s always done very well when a visiting bishop celebrates the Mass) but overall they are pretty darned good.

It’s filmed at the Monastery Church, Our Lady of the Angels, in Irondale, AL. It was originally the convent of the Poor Clares (Mother Angelica’s order), but when the Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament was built in Hanceville, the nuns moved there and the friars took over their monastery.


New Order (Mass)

Originally posted by Cluny
I wish they would use more incense, chant the collects and readings

Me too, however otherwise it’s very good!

CatholicTV’s Daily Masses are nicer. The video on the website is jerky, but if you’ve got an iTunes music store account, you can subscribe to download their Daily Masses free via the Video Podcasts. The quality is superb.

I don’t think CatholicTV’s Masses are nicer. They are certainly less severe though. CTV’s broadcast of the Sunday Mass from Notre Dame blows away EWTN’s Sunday Mass in every way however – even those broadcast from the Shrine.

I wish all O.F. Masses in the world are celebrated like that. I like it when they do all the Prayers in Latin. The Mass there is much more reverent than my Parish.

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This sounds strangely familiar. Nonetheless, the Sunday Mass telecast from Notre Dame is no longer shown on DirecTV. I did not find this impressive. The choir has talent, but, there were some irregularities (over use of EMHCs) that I did not like.

Inasmuch as I do not believe that we should have a lot of singing during Daily Mass (we should stick to singing the parts of the Mass–Gospel Acclamation, Sanctus, Memorial Acclamation and Great Amen–since these are the essentials; leave the full-blown singing for Sundays), the EWTN telecast is reverent and proper.

But, the telecast that blows everyone out of the water comes from the real CTV, the Centro Televiso Vaticano, when it tag-teams with EWTN to bring us the Papal Mass. I would suggest that those planning liturgies and celebrating them should learn from the Church’s Supreme Liturgist, himself, the Holy Father. Ever since the former Joseph Ratzinger was elected Pope Benedict XVI, the quality of Masses from the Vatican, albeit, all of the Papal liturgies, have gone up a zillion notches. He is really going at it full steam ahead. Just as the Cathedral should be the example of liturgies for the diocese to follow, St. Peter’s Basilica is giving us the example par excellence for the Universal Church to follow.

I love the EWTN mass. I wish my parish was more like that

i too love the EWTN Mass (watch online here;, i watch it every day!

When i was in prison and could not attend Mass, i found the EWTN Mass on the radio, **God is so good, He always gives us just what we need if we would only accept His perfect and gloriously beautiful gifts!!! **(Listen here; KBVM Catholic Radio

Benedictgal is 100% correct as usual! The Papal Masses are just incredible!!

Papa Benedictus XVI is such an incredible witness to Jesus Christ!!!

Thank you my sweet Jesus!!!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


I agree that the Mass on EWTN is most inspiring. The use of English and Latin is what the Vatican Councl recommended.Unfortunally most of the Bishops in the USA, most from an Irish background, have eliminated this practice. When I go to Mass, I pray the novos ordo Mass in Latin from my missal. Unfortunally I am the only one to do this. Seems ironic that when I was a kid you followed the Latin Mass and read in english the translactions. Now I do just the opposit. Is this OK? And while we are on the subject Mass and liturgy, is it not recommended that a crucifix be place facing the priest on the alter/ modos popoulo (facing the congregation), and should the tabneracle be covered in the same liturgal color of the day. If not covered, should there not be a white drape of some sort inside the tabnercle, to protect the Blessed Sacrament and just keep things looking holy. Also, should not the chalice and paten be covered by a veil, and the corporal be placed in a Burse?

i think it was very good with just a tad bit of the latin we love so much put into it. its pretty good for recieving spiritual communion and its very reverent i participate in most of the mass while i watch i kneel for the kneeling part and respond ( and also with you, lord here our prayer, etc.) its nice i like it

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