The Mass

Holy Holy Holy Lord, God Of Power And Might, Heaven And Earth Are Full Of Your Glory. Hosana In The Highest. Blessed Is He Who Comes In The Name Of The Lord. Hosana In The Highest.

Is The Mass Incredible Or What???

:smiley: Yeah, I, too, have been hit sometimes at the power of such a prayer…and knowing that in Revelations it is THE prayer recited by choirs of angels for all eternity. How awesome is it to be able to join those angels at that particular moment in glory and praise to God!

yes and the chanting as Jesus came to Jerusalem!

Recently, as I wake momentarily while I’m turning over in bed at night, I find that I am saying the Holy, Holy. It has such beauty in the middle of the night.

It’s the joining of Heaven and earth.

I’ve been known to come home from church humming that prayer all afternoon. :smiley:

The Mass is awesome!

Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus, Dominus Deus Sabaoth. Pleni sunt caeli et terra gloria tua. Hosanna in excelsis. Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini. Hosanna in excelsis.

It certainly is!!! I can’t wait for Mass tonight (Dominican Rite High Mass!).

In Christ,

How different is the Dominican Rite from the Tridentine? I’m going to be in Portland this weekend, so I might go to the Dominican rite mass if it’s available.

Pax tecum!

It’s very similar. It’s just small differences, really. If someone wasn’t familiar with the Tridentine Mass, they would most likely think it was the same thing. Unfortunately, the Dominican Rite Mass is only done on special feastdays (and Low Mass the first Saturday of the month). However, every Sunday at Holy Rosary Church, the Novus Ordo is celebrated in both Latin and English at 11:00. They also do Gregorian chant and use incense and the Communion rail. You’ll probably like that Mass.

Here is Holy Rosary’s website:

Also, if you are interested, St. Birgitta’s Church in northwest Portland does the TLM at 8:00 on Sundays (indult Mass). Their website is:

Hope you enjoy your weekend in Portland!

In Christ,

Pax vobiscum!

mike, here is a page I was looking for earlier but couldn’t find. I have it bookmarked on my computer, but I wasn’t at home.

This is a page comparing the Dominican missal, the Tridentine missal, and the Novus Ordo missal side by side. You can see exactly what all the differences are here.

In Christ,

WOW!! You guys are really lucky in Portland to have Holy Rosary. That must have been the best hour I’ve spent, it really hit me on Sunday exactly what the Mass truly is. Very beautiful, I’m going to try to go there every Sunday.

Pax vobiscum!

I just realized I accidentally posted the wrong link for Holy Rosary’s website. I posted that other link in a different thread for someone. Here is the correct website address:

In Christ,

Rand, so you’re parish does the NO in Latin? That’s sweet! I’m curious does a priest need an indult to do the NO latin or is that just for the TLM? I was curious as to whether the language of the mass was considered one of those things the priest had permission wo chose from (either latin or vernacular) or if special permission was needed?

I recently have started a little devotion thing where I read through the mass each day. I got the Daily Roman Missal to do this and here lately I started reading through the Latin version for various reasons. It made me curious as to whether or not anyone had seen it actually celebrated in latin?

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