The Master Beadsman Stikes Again - This Time in the West!

The Master Beadsman Phillip Rolfes, has struck again!

This time his target is in the West, lobbing a beautifully hand-crafted, five decade, dominican rosary in the “Russian style” firmly into Roman territory.

Not to be outdone, and in a gesture of Christian unity, generousity, and true agape love, all of which characterize the Master Beadsman, a pair of eastern prayer bracelets made their way inbound as well, and we welcome these with open arms… er… wrists!

I can assure everyone, that this rosary will be consecrated to Our Lady very shortly. In the small hours of the morning, this very night, while the rest of the world sleeps, in the sacramental presence of our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ, I will hold this rosary in my hands and whisper into the ear of the second greatest love of my life, “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee…”


Greetings Timothy H,

That is a beautiful rosary. Does he have a website?

I liked your concluding paragraph. Gave me thrills when I read it. May your time before the Blessed Sacrament be blessed. Please pray for me if you find it in your heart to do so.

God Bless.
Anathama Sit

Phillip hangs out in the Eastern forum. You can send him a PM through CAF.

Have a look at



Thanks for all the kind comments. I hope you have many happy hours with Our Lord and Our Lady and this Rosary in your hand.


Sadly I don’t have a website. But you can send me a PM any time. The best pictures of my work available online are the ones that our brother, TimothyH, has provided on this thread and on another thread in the Eastern Catholics forum. Check them out some time. :thumbsup:


Greetings Timothy and Phillip,

I did not know you guys were brothers. I am so tired this morning. I shall send a Personal Message to you later Phillip.

Phillip and Timothy I will check out the other thread later today when I am awake and can look at the screen instead of sleeping and posting at the same time.

God Bless You Both.
Anathama Sit

Hi Anathama,

I refer to Timothy as my brother in Christ. Otherwise we are unrelated… well, except through “old dusty Adam” as a monsignor once said to me. :smiley:

I’ll look forward to hearing from you later. As I’ve now had my coffee, I’m feelin’ pretty good!

Greetings Phillip Rolfes,

Ahh thank you for the correction. I am looking for my first cup of coffee. Talk to you soon.

Have a wonderful weekend.

God Bless.
Anathama Sit

Oh no Phillip, we all share the same mother. :thumbsup:


Phillip, that is truly awesome work :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Tell me, when you were little, were you a knotty boy?

(Okay, running and hiding now :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thank you, Dave.

And no need to run and hide. Believe it or not, I’ve never heard that one before. :smiley: When I was little I was more of a daydreamer, but every now and again the “knottyness” would come out. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just got my Rosary in that Phillip made for me:

Excellent work, I highly recommend him.

btw, the pen is there for scale.

Beautiful work…simply beautiful. I wish I could learn how to do that just to pass the time. :shrug:

:clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

Not to mention: AWESOME!

Gorgeous work! :aok:

Earth toned, manly, beads made of wood… :hmmm:

May have to send a PM to Br. Phillip soon. :thumbsup:


Thank you all for the compliments. And thanks, Tallguy, for posting more pictures. I’m glad to know that you’ve received your rope, it was intact, and that you approve. :smiley: That’s always a major concern of mine. I hope it was worth the wait.

Tim, I’m always happy to make prayer ropes or rosaries for you! You’re on my list of regulars/favorites now. :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the most beautiful rosaries I’ve ever seen. :thumbsup:

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