The Material World

I am fourteen and have just started at a Catholic high school where makeup is allowed in respectful amounts, and I put on a bit each morning. I generally put care into my appearance, though I do not think I put any large amount of time into it. I also like to dress in a certain style, use my iPad for writing, watching videos, reading, and drawing, and I am a dancer. In other words, I generally live a normal teenage life (of course I go to Mass twice a week and receive Communion both times, and have confession every Friday as well).

This sounds like the life of many Catholics far holier and better then I. But sometimes I don’t feel like I am doing enough—just me— as I would never think that I classmate who does what I do in faith to be inadequate, but for some reason my faith life seems inadequate.

Are these things I have mentioned, and others, such as wearing jewelry or making clothes to a certain style, writing stories on online forums, or other things that do not directly bring glory to the Lord a sin? I have heard of making things such as friends, school, or appearances idols and that is not what I mean, as my life does not revolve around any of these things. I only enjoy doing them and would not like to stop, but I would if God wanted me to.


Hi. I’m glad you’re so devout and caring about your faith, it’s wonderful to hear! :slight_smile:

You are right that making worldly pleasures the primary concern of your life would be wrong, but clearly you are not making them the primary concern of your life! Anyone who asks themselves “am I choosing pleasures of the world over the far greater pleasures of the Kingdom of Heaven?” is probably on a good path; don’t worry! It’s the people who don’t ask this question that may be at risk.

Regards to faith, it is well to strive for greater love of God and not to just settle as “well, I’ve done enough, now let’s just go through the motions till death!” But you shouldn’t feel like you’re in sin or failing. I won’t say much here because I don’t want you to take too much advice from me-- advice from one can turn out poorly!
Remember also, though, that in striving too strongly you might be following your own ambitions instead of letting God guide you. So take it easy, too- don’t try to “impress” God, don’t overdo it and collapse.

Regards to appearances, there’s nothing wrong with what you’ve said.

Four things: go on doing your thing, trust in God when you are in doubt, follow his commandments and don’t overdo it!

Jesus said with faith as little as a mustard seed a man can move mountains. . . So faith is more important than, what we do to look nice. . And love others, as you do your self. . So loving your self surely comes first too. Because if you don’t love your selve you’ll be jealouse of others . . You know. :slight_smile: little make up is cool. . But not a mask, that changes your real look . . It looks funny.

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