The Maya Code and Our Lady of Garabandal

Well I saw this documentary about the maya codes in history channel and it took my attention because it resembles so much to another catholic prophecy, I have been reading the prophecy of our Lady of Garabandal, and it is pretty similar to the ones of the mayas.

Firstly I saw in the documentary a qoute of the maya prophecy that said “God will come to earth in the year 2012”. it was remarkable because the mayas believed in many gods and not in one God.

For what I have read, the prophecy of our lady of Garabandal say something similar. That God will come in his glory and that every person will see him, and that it will happen from 3 popes from the time the message was delivered by Our Lady, that is in Pope benedict’s period I think.

Secondly something interesting as well was that in the documentary another quoted from the mayas prophecies said: “And in that time the word of God will be proclaim everywhere”.

That shocked me because the prophecy of Garabandal states that after the coming of God, people will be converted, and in that time is when the promise that is in the bible about “The word of God being proclaimed throughout the entire world” will be fullfiled.

There are a lot of similarities, still the prophecies of Garabandal are overwhelming and very difficult to believe sometimes. It states that God will come and that everyone will see him and the world will be converted and then a new era will start, the end of time, probably it means that the era after the coming of God will be the last era of mankind.

Im pretty skeptical but they make a lot of sense and they are prophecys that are away from each other still they affirm similiar things.

I d like to hear some opinion.

Don’t be deceived in these prophecy I don’t even think Garabandal is an approved apparition. Stick to the Public Revelation and live out your life as a Catholic by living the faith, and obeying the commandments.

I agree but some Marian apparitions werent consider true for so many time like Fatima and Lourdes but eventualy they were approved by the church. Besides the Message of Garabandal is similar to the ones of Medjurgore and it resembles to many aparitions that have been aproved by the church like the one in Fatima.

Med and Garabandal are not approved apparitions.

yep they arent but they havent been disproved neither. However the church allow pilgrims to go over there. there ve been many miracles in those places as well. but I agree that faithfull gotta be carefull as well.

The coincidences of the Mayan prophesies and Garabandal are striking.

I have been wondering about them myself.
However, the Church is so rich in history and the saints are so interesting that there is plenty to keep one intellectually interested.

Obedience to the Church is enough; and deferring to its authority is something that is even valued at Garabandal.

I think it is enough to take the 2 primary messages from Garabandal and pull out what is valuable and true; we need to be more in awe at the real presence of god in the Eucharist.
For me, it is a call to adoration of the blessed sacrament.

The prophesied miracle was supposed to occur during the Papacy of John Paul II. It didn’t happen, and the local Bishops have disapproved of Garabandal (just as with Medjugorie). That should put the issue to rest, but it obviously hasn’t.

Peace and God bless!

This is about where I stopped.
The History Channel.
Ah yes, that bastion of knowledge and information.
Was it followed by the history of Roswell? Or Monster Quest?
Sorry to be sarcastic, I couldn’t resist.

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