The McCarrick scandal & the gay lobby: a problem the bishops won’t address



Because the question of whether gays should be ordained cannot be addressed without first addressing a considerably more explosive question: the number of bishop-disputants who are themselves gay and have a profound personal interest that there be no public examination of the connections between their sexual appetites, their convictions, and their conduct of office.

I can’t help thinking the liberalising of sex in the wider society together with the liberal push in the church over the last 60 years has helped cause these problems.


Ya think? lol The ‘spirit’ of Vatican II.


no idea what was happening 80-100 years ago but basically what I am hearing is that, as we all know, there are a tremendous amount of gay priest. Some of them are pretty weak and act on the urges. They of course want to keep this quiet, so when one does something even worse or maybe just goes straight to ped. then they have to keep it quiet.

They of course know they have to watch one another’s back and therefore form, lack of a better word, cabals. They get into power and keep the good ones quiet. The good ones have no where to turn, none of the hierarchy will listen, and if they rock the boat too much they get defroked or just abused (in the employee sense) moved around, forced into very uncomfortable condition’s. All their training in life has been to be a priest, that usually doesn’t translate into inter-industry work.

I have been reading a lot about this lately.


Here’s to hoping and praying the Bishops DO address the issues within their own ranks and do so rapidly and transparently.

A public accounting of all the arrest records of the Bishops themselves (not mere “police records” they can too easily be “expunged” but “arrest records”) over the last several decades would be a reasonable assurance.

I am assuming there are almost no US Bishops who have ever been arrested.

Therefore this public disclosure could only help and would make the Bishops as a body look good and trustworthy in the public eye.

Also if ANY payouts of any kind for ANY reason have occurred, these should be transparently brought to light to the public (below, almost a half-a-million-dollar payout was NOT electively brought to light).

In addition a public statement releasing all people (including priests) from any and all non-disclosure agreements would also go a long way to help win back trust.

These will be fair starting points for our Bishops to take upon themselves as the need to clear the air after the Cardinal McCarrick scandal has now gone public.

And last, the Bishops need to hold themselves to their own Dallas Charter publicly (a priest-friend of mine has told me that has not yet been done).

These issues should have been addressed back in 2002 (but better late than never)

God bless.


Bishop: Lay Faithful, not Bishops, Must Investigate McCarrick and Coverup

McCarrick was largely allowed to do as he pleased because he was a progressive who was the darling of the Left politically and socially. Today’s New York Times…bless them for their work on this…has exposed another allegation of sexual abuse of a minor by “Uncle Ted.”

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