The Meal That Heals?

The Meal That Heals is a book by Perry Stone.
Its about Communion.
He also sells Communion kits

Here’s the excerpt
The Meal That Heals explains the power of the Communion experience to bring physical and spiritual healing to the life of a believer. It answers common questions about the act of Communion and explains the difference between the Catholic Mass and Protestant Communion. It reveals biblical secrets about the parallels between the manna in the wilderness and Christ’s own experience in Gethsemane. It shows the power of receiving daily Communion, which allows the life of Christ to work in your body, driving out every sickness, disease, and weakness that hinders your life.

Now I’m not a Staunch Catholic I don’t have a siege mentality and I’m not Traditional Or Sedvacantis other wise sometimes refered to as Conclavist.
I could give a hoot about Protestants they don’t bother me and I have a lot of respect for the Wesleyan ones such as Nazarenes like My wife and her Family.
They share some of our beliefs but not all.
A lot of Protestants will take communion in service and sometimes in Bible study or prayer groups.
This doesn’t offend me because its not in the same light in which Catholic and Orthodox Communion is.
My Mother inlaw has some prayers for communion as she was a sunday school teacher and her husband my father in law and my wifes father was a Pastor for a few years.
So again I don’t take offense or really care all that much because Murica is primarily a Protestant Country and its so intergrated into history, society and families I don’t feel any Judgment or hatred towards Protestants they simply have different beliefs and it would never occurs to most of them to enter a Catholic Church.
The only Issue and Offense I take is Fundementalism and the hate that’s spewed at the Catholic Church and our Traditional Sacremental Christian brethen Eastern Othordox,Oriental Orthodox, Anglicans and Lutherans.

They see the Eucharist in a different light and its symbolic where ours is literal.

Now getting to Perry Stone.
I don’t want to Pass Judgment or bear false witness or even ridicule the man because I have never read any of his books.
I was interested in him as I have read some wonderful books from Charism House by John Eckardt.
From what I understand he leans close to some vague similarities to Catholicism which has given him flack from Fundementalist Christians who conect him to the Whore (Us according to them).
He has books on spiritual warfare, angels, communion etc.

So again it doesn’t bother me that Protestant Groups or Churches buy Communion wafers from Church suppliers.
What concerns me is that its sold like diet bars from Perry Stone.
It reminds me of Dane Cooks skit on the Christ chex.
I guesse my interest/concern is that people are taking it out of superstician it has healing properties or its in a disrespectfull light.

Its one thing to take Communion at Church or in a Bible Study or Prayer group that seems appropriate.
But keeping a little bagey of Eucharist next to your vitamins and nightly glass of water on your nightstand does not seem within the norm or respectfull.
At the same time why shell out money for this.
I mean couldn’t you just obtain or download off line the Communion prayer to your denomination then go and buy a cheap box of Ritz crackers?

Has anyone read his books? Or heard his Sermons or is famiiar with his Meal that heals?

I don’t know anything about his Communion kits, but I am familiar with his ministry. He is an evangelist ordained with the Church of God (Cleveland, TN), which is a Pentecostal church. He preaches a lot on the Jewish origins of Christianity, and I recall that he had a lot of insight into how the Old Testament pre-figured the New Testament.

There isn’t anything strange about this at all. Perry Stone is coming out of the Wesleyan strain of Protestantism, which does tend to have a high regard for Holy Communion as a means of physical and spiritual healing.

It’s not just because he has “some vague similarities to Catholicsim.” It’s because he’s Pentecostal/charismatic. Fundamentalists dislike us probably just as much as they dislike Catholics, for similar reasons in some cases I might add.

How is it superstitious to believe that something amazing happens when we partake of His body and blood? Pentecostals believe that, as Oral Roberts used to say, the Holy Communion is a “point of contact.” It really is a means of grace—If it is partaken of in faith.

There was a time when Pentecostals did not avail themselves of doctors or medicine, preferring instead to trust God alone for healing. In those early years, Holy Communion was commonly referred to as God’s “medicine.” 1 Corinthians 11:30 does say that many are sick and ill because they have not discerned the Lord’s body.

Now, I wouldn’t eat Communion wafer’s like vitamins. But I can see being led to take Holy Communion if you are sick or in need of a touch from God.

I don’t know of any Pentecostal church that uses crackers. It’s usually thin wafers or a loaf of bread that is broken into pieces. A lady at our church once brought a loaf of bread and a bottle of Murlough to church and asked the pastor to bless it. She said she was having home communion.

I don’t know why you would need to buy it from Stone’s ministry other than you’re getting his resources and devotional material to enrich your Holy Communion.

Itwin, aren’t there a number of different denominations all using the same name “Church of God”? Do they just use the city they are headquartered in to tell who is who? When I was in high school I lived two blocks away from a Church of God, Anderson Indiana They seemed to be more Holiness and less Pentecostal, in fact they resembled the Church of The Nazarene which I was associated with as a small boy.

How do you tell the difference? The only one I have ever been in was the Anderson Indiana one.

IMHO, just eating bread and drinking wine/grape juice by yourself is lacking. First no one consecrates it, and second communion the word itself implies to me to be something you do in a group and not by yourself? :confused:

Yes, there are a number of different denominations that designate themselves “Church of God.” This came from the desire prevalent in the 19th and early 20th centuries to choose “biblical names” for churches. Many of these churches are holiness or Pentecostal in doctrine.

Yes. For example, the Church of God (Cleveland, TN) has a worldwide membership of nearly 7 million, but its international headquarters are in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Yes, the Church of God (Anderson) is Holiness. Other than both sharing some holiness teachings, the Church of God (Anderson) has no relationship whatsoever to the Church of God (Cleveland).

There are, however, a number of schismatic groups that broke off from the COG (Cleveland) who still go by some variation of the name “Church of God.” The largest one is the Church of God of Prophecy.

You can always ask if you can’t tell any other way (obviously, you should be able to tell a Pentecostal church from one that simply identifies as holiness). The COG (Anderson) does not believe in speaking in tongues, but the COG (Cleveland) does.

Without going inside, you may be able to tell by the logo they use on their church sign. I’m not sure where the COG (Anderson) is concentrated. But I know the COG (Cleveland) is geographically centered in the Southern United States.

My wife tells me her mother used oyster crackers for her Sunday school.
But yeah no one really uses ritz that was a joke.

I do believe the Eucharist can heal but what I was saying was people might buy his book or take Communion thinking in absolutes that they will be healed of whatever ailment they have.
If they don’t then what happens?
Do they loose their faith?

I’m very Familiar with Wesleyanism I wasn’t sure what branch of Pentecostal Stone belonged to as I know there are variations of Pentecostal as there are variations of Baptist or other denominations.

My Wife and her family is Nazarene.
They as far as I know only take Communion for special occasions and maybe some individuals do home communion I just haven’t heard of any and I asked my wife she said probably not.

She thinks it’s weird Catholics take communion every Mass.

They just don’t do it very often and apparently they don’t do a first Communion with their children which is a shame.

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