The Meaning of the Word "Discernment"



I apologize for many recent threads, however recently I was wondering if the quote located below is the true meaning of the word discernment. Also, does the Church have the final statement regarding the calling of a person’s vocation?

"I understood that to become a saint one had to suffer much, seek out always the most perfect thing to do, and forget self… I understood, too, that there are many degrees of perfection and each soul was free to respond to the advances of our Lord, to do little or much for Him, in a word, to chose among the sacrifices He was asking… Then, as in the days of my childhood, I cried out: ‘My God I choose all! I do not want to be a saint by halves, I am not afraid to suffer for You, I fear only one thing: to keep my own will; so take it, for I choose all that You Will!’

Never does our suffering make Him happy, however it is necessary for us, and so He sends it to us, while, as it were, turning away His Face… I assure you that it costs Him dearly to fill us with bitterness… The good God, who so loves us, has pain enough in being obliged to leave us on earth to fulfill our time of trial, without our constantly telling Him of our discomfort; we must appear not to notice it… Far from complaining to our Lord of the cross which He sends us, I cannot fathom the Infinite Love which has led Him to treat us this way… What a favor from Jesus, and how He must love us to send us so great a sorrow! Eternity will not be long enough to bless Him for it.

There are trifles that please our Lord more than the conquest of the world; a smile or a kindly word, for instance, when I feel inclined to say nothing or to appear bored." -Saint Therese of the Child Jesus

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I wouldn’t say that’s discernment, so much as acceptance.

Wikipedia actually puts it quite well:

Discernment is the activity of determining the value and quality of a certain subject or event, particularly the activity of going past the mere perception of something and making detailed judgments about that thing.


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