The medieval Inquisition: Facts and fiction

Hi! I just uploaded a new history video on the medieval inquisition. I tried to give a somewhat neutral perspective with a main focus on why the inquisition was founded and how it operated.

If you could watch the video, critique it and give your own views on the history medieval inquisitors and what literature you would recommend on the subject I would be very grateful. The literature I have used can be found in the video description.

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Quill & Ink history.

From my study of the Inquisition, the video you posted is fair and balanced in its presentation. It seems to debunk the often popularly held view that the Church was out of control and killing tens or hundred thousands in its quest for orthodox compliance. The figure I found was between four and twelve thousand, and even that is considered high. In fact, the Inquisition saved more lives than it took.

For further investigation, if you have a catholic university or college nearby and can reference their library, you should fine further information regarding your quest to investigate the history of the Inquisition further.

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i was taken aback several weeks ago when Jeopardy had an answer that claimed 33,000 were executed by the “inquisition”. I’m not sure which one/ones, but that figure seemed absurd to me. I would have liked to contact them about it, but had not enough background to do so convincingly.

Thx for the comment! I agree, it seems odd that most documentaries found on youtube wants to talk about everything surrounding the Inquisition exept for what it actually did in practice.

Btw, do you know about any good sites that I can share my videos on?

Seems like a pretty much made up answere. A number like that is impossible to get since there was no monolitic organisation cald the inquisition and many of the inquisitors files have been lost with time.

My perspective on the Inquisition was not so much what it was protected but its use of methods. As the Catechism of the Catholic Church said, clerical institutions approved of torture. It is often said “Galileo was not tortured, he was just showed the instruments of torture” as if that was not a big deal. I mean they scared the living daylights out of an old man. Nowadays the Church practices patience and always kindness. Isn’t this more compatible with the Gospel?

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…also what is fully missing from these hindsight jurisprudence condemnations of the Church is that at that time (as today) society did not exist where the Church pronounced civil judgment; rather, the state would use the Church to augment its power, influence, and reach… yet, by espousing itself with the Church the state would, by default, enhance its procedures (as in providing legal aide to the accused and demand actual facts–not just “the devil, made him/her do it” or “she sneaked in/out through the key hole”); it actually also produced more documentation than what the state practiced… as it still happens in today’s world where hundreds/thousands of families in Latin America lost their loved ones (“desaparecidos”) during the 70s through 90s; some of these states practiced mass entombing and genocide–the records would not show the true reason why these people were “cleanse” from their societies nor the accurate number of those terminated by the state–which’s estimates is said to exceed the tens of millions.

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I remember reading about what were known as the ‘Bloody Assizes’ which followed a rebellion against James II.

The argument went that while the number executed was considerable (144), it was the ‘performance’, the all-day theatre of execution, day after day, that haunted peoples minds. This was the contemporary point, the establishment of fear (didn’t last, James was overthrown in the ‘Glorious Revolution’ shortly afterwards) and the legend of the Assizes overtook the reality.

I’d suggest that the Inquisition worked in much the same way, the theatre of Inquisition worked to bring submission but the ‘dramatic’ history of the Inquisition became the ‘fact’ of Inquisition more than the numbers and tragedies involved.

The Inquisition was the stupidest thing the church ever did. Contrary to what one would think from news today, Nothern Europeans actually used to have a backbone. Blond haired, blue eyed Europa will always endure. Real Northern Europeans don’t take orders from Mediterranean trash. By their idiocy and barbarity, the church created a situation where to be a catholic in Nordic countries was to say “I am a collaborator with the Spanish occupiers”.
(Written in the pov of Northern Europe. not necessarily my opinions)

See the for part series on EWTN -with rather good experts -showing the actual truth regarding the Inq.


is the title.

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…it is also about the machinery (how it is propagated and kept alive); heard of the French revolution? Great change came to the world (abolition of monarchies and slavery…) yet the death toll/s (in a few years: from 16K thru 40K– far outnumbers that of the Spanish Inquisition (a period of about three hundred years: 44,674 cases include 826 executions in persona and 778 in effigies:–conversely, did anyone keep records of the actual events (atrocities and abuses committed in the name of the cause)?

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