The Memorial Church at Stanford University

Stanford University has an inter denominational church at the center of its campus called “Memorial Church”. You have Lutheran, Episcopal and other church services there. And according to what I read, they have at certain hours, Catholic Mass.

My question is: Is it OK to go to Mass there, and partake of the Eucharist, knowing that such church has other denomination services too? Thanks.

I’m sure it’s okay, but you could also go to Thomas Aquinas in Palo Alto or St Nicholas in Los Altos.

Catholic campus ministries vary. Some have their own dedicated churches and some use shared space. Either way, they offer Mass. For students, they offer a way to worship and get to know other Catholic students on campus. They also offer a convenient, nearby place for Mass and other activities for those who may not have easy access to transportation.

It’s fine. Due to lack of space, the military also shares spaces with other religions.

yeah we have an interfaith center on campus and only one chapel in it, so we have to share with other as well. of course it’s preferable to have your own space but sometimes you just make do with what you have. we’ve even had to use empty classrooms for mass on other campuses of the same school that don’t have the iFC

I really want to see Stanford Memorial. It is one of the few churches to survive the 1906 earthquake and fire. Others are Old Saint Mary’s cathedral in Chinatown and the old church mission in the mission district. Those two I have seen and prayed in.

I know that Stanford is not ‘the city’ but was hit by the big quake.

It can also be common in small towns. In a small town nearby, the building is shared by Anglicans and Catholics. (Anglican service at 9:00 - Catholic Mass at 11:30) I actually like this because the costs are shared and it demonstrates good will to passersby.

I agree with CATHOLIC1954. Military Base Chapels are used by all denominations. Each Faith takes a bit of time to set the chapel up according to their standard.

Many priests have a small suitcase to carry what they need to say Mass anywhere.

Looks like a beautiful chapel. I noticed that Lutherans & Episcopalians have Mass together. Some day there may be one service for Catholics, Lutherans & Episcopalians.

It was commissioned, according to Stanford’s website, to be a chapel not ordered to any denomination. So yes, it’d be fine. It was meant for all faith backgrounds to worship.

My husband and I were married there. Quite lovely…Looks like a Catholic Cathedral inside.

Ok thank you for all your replies.

Stanford is private institution, but it has no religious ties. I believe it was built by the widow of Leland Stanford. He made his money in the railroad. I think he played a large part in the building of Grace (Episcopal) cathedral on Nob Hill.

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