The men who live as dogs


In the UK news today, “We’re just the same as any person on the high street.”

Cats I can understand, after all I’ve had the whole taking a catnap business pretty perfected for years but dogs?


I only read one or two paragraphs before I decided that this is incredibly creepy.


Ha! :pAwesome article, Kanichen.

Diogenes would be proud!


One time I saw this at a dog park in Phoenix. When my wife and I got to the park with our dogs there was this guy standing at the entrance wearing nothing but a jockey made of duck tape. He had a dog collar and a sign on his back saying how naughty he’d been. I can’t remember if he was barking or not. After we got by him we had a good laugh.


It’s got to be a joke. Or perhaps we’re meant to take “high” street literally? :wink:


I can’t…



“A new documentary about “pup play,” the (often though not always sexual) act of dressing and inhabiting the role of a dog while another person takes on the role of handler or trainer, is about to be unleashed on Great Britain’s Channel 4, bringing new focus to a subculture that—according to some members—is ready to go mainstream.”


The fact that I have no idea what the title of this post even means tells me something.

It tells me I think I’d like to keep it that way.



Exactly, ditto, the whole feline family really. I don’t get the dog thing. (to be clear I love them as companions - I have just never felt like one)

I love the sound of wolves howling - dog barking not so much.


More Federal directives possibly required.


The Obama Administration has issued a new directive, requiring all schools in the US that receive federal funds to install fireplugs for these “dogs” to use as bathrooms. It is humiliating for these pups to be forced to use the boys’ rooms and girls’ rooms for their sanitary needs, based simply on the fact that they were born human.


When I was little, I used to pretend I was a dog. Perhaps I’m really a dog born in the wrong body?!

Then again, I also used to pretend I was all kinds of different things. :shrug:

Wait - could I be all of them at once? :eek:



I’ve got one word: Ewwwww
Is this the next group of people we have to grant special rights to?


A law protecting the right of pups to use trees and fire hydrants . . . 3 . . . 2 . . .


Should have known they’d be ahead of the power curve.


Ugh. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that these people have something seriously wrong with them. I am glad that I can say that here. I would probably get in trouble for saying that on the NationStates forums. They need to find Jesus. He can offer them true peace and happiness.


The thing is that, if they’re so identified with dogs, shouldn’t their argument be along the lines of: Arf!, 'Ruff! and Woof! ?

How else are we supposed to take their pleas seriously?


Me in 2050 -

I am old enough (wow that’s the first time i’ve used that phrase) to remember when our society was so discriminating against people who identify as dogs.

I mean yes they weren’t even allocated their own bathrooms. We were so biased and evil back then, we spoke about human rights and were totally condescending to our friends who identified as dogs.

I am so ashamed that i could not see them as they truely were - dogs caught in human bodies.

It was proper to persecute such organisations who would not accept them as dogs. How primitive and authoritarian those people were.

If only i had bought shares in dog food way back in 2016 before it was made mandatory in all restaurants, schools and hospitals, I’d had made a killing.

Alas my bigotry and dogaphobia was too strong back then.


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