The Mercy Warriors


Who are you?

The Mercy Warriors are CAF users who pray and do penance each day for the conversion of sinners

How should I pray and do penance?

There is no strict formula to follow; you may pray and do penance as you wish.

Why should I care about sinners?

Jesus once told Saint Faustina, “The loss of each soul plunges Me into mortal sadness. You always console Me when you pray for sinners. The prayer most pleasing to Me is the prayer for the conversion of sinners. Know, My daughter, that this prayer is always heard and answered.”

Where do I join?



I just signed in :slight_smile:
I pray for conversion every day, since a few of my very close family members and friends are non-believers… Now I’ll just “expand” my prayer :smiley:


Hurray! :slight_smile: The world needs more pray-ers for sinners :slight_smile:


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