The merits and demerits of readings in the vernacular

What are they?

Article 6 of Summorum Pontificum allows them, but what are the reasons people like/dislike this?

I would think that it would be better for those who do not know Latin simply for that reason. With the other prayers, one hears them often enough that he will start to memorize them and get used to them, but readings occur only once every so often, thus making this more difficult.

The advantage for me is I read the Proper in my missal as the priest says the readings in Latin. When he comes to the pulpit and reads them in English, I put down my missal and listen. Involving both my visual and auditory senses helps me retain the reading better than using only one of my senses.

No reason why you can’t, as I do, read (in my case listen on ipod) to the readings prior to Mass, then you’ll be familiar with them and still be listening as they are proclaimed.

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