The Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute Institute Hopes Pope will Raise Issues during meeting with Patriarch Kirill


Statement of the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies Regarding the Meeting of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow in Cuba



We hope


Interesting analysis of Paul Gavrilyuk on facebook, about the meeting of Pope Francis with the Patriarch Kirill of Moscow


I personally don’t see much to hope for in this meeting between Russian patriarch and Roman pope, not when it comes to any of the issues that the OP is interested in at any rate.

For five hundred years not, the papacy has all about The EO coming back home, and the way to do that has been to cooperate with the big fishes, even if it means that some of the small fishes end up getting fried.


More opinions of religious scholars:

‘‘Pope Francis and the Russian Patriarch Will Meet, as Ukrainian Catholics Watch and Wait’’ by George Weigel

‘‘What Pope Francis’s Meeting with Patriarch Kirill Means for Ukraine’’ by Julian Hayda


Ukrainians: don’t throw us under the bus


It’s not only Eastern Catholics whose status the Russian Orthodox Church rejects, for what it’s worth, but the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyiv Patriarchate. (Both groups, along with Protestants, have come under persecution in Crimea and separatist-controlled Lugansk and Donetsk…)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Kirill before he became patriarch met with Pope Benedict XVI, yes? Of course this is a big deal in the sense that it’s the first time a Russian Orthodox patriarch has met with the pope, but it’s the culmination of many years of work and lower-level meetings (that began in the papacy of JPII and continued under BXVI). I don’t expect much of any consequence to actually occur at the meeting other than some pleasant conversation, probably.


The persecuted sincere Christians of Novorossiya who are branded as spies and agents, should be invited to this meeting.
Then, instead of ostentatious pomp and prestige, the truth and mercy will prevail.


Borys Gudziak. The Eparch of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Eparchy of Paris


No matter what we Ukranians feel, let us hope that the fruits of this meeting be hopeful for the future peace and edification


The opinion of Myroslav Marynovych - a vice-rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv.
The dissident who was imprisoned during the Soviet era.


Head of Ukrainian Catholic Church consoled by pope’s words


Collection of Statements Re Meeting of Francis and Kirill


Hi Darryl. I normally wouldn’t correct your grammar, but in this instance I think it’s important: you should say “The papacy was all about the EO coming back home for (arguably, anyhow) 500 years.”

See the Balamand Declaration:

  1. Pastoral activity in the Catholic Church, Latin as well as Eastern, no longer aims at having the faithful of one Church pass over to the other


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