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This movie is being portrayed in Catholic circles as a great family film with a positive portrayal of religious life.

It’s really anything but. Read my Mighty Macs review.

All the defenses about it resort to “but the bishops like it so how can you criticize it?”

Nicely argued, but I don’t think you give the rebuttals fair credence by describing them as “but the bishops liked it”.

I think there really is a dramatic tension in our culture over how women make decisions about family and children versus working for the kinds of professional goals men take for granted.

I think you nicely critique the dangers of the feminist position that often denigrate motherhood and the danger of even appearing to glorify that position. I’m not sure you’ve paused to consider the existence of the danger of presuming that all women are called to be at home mothers. That distortion of the call and mission of female humanity is just as unjust as the radical feminist notion.

I haven’t seen the movie, so its hard for me to tell. This critique may well illuminate some flaws in the storyline. Or it may illuminate some flaws in the critic. Putting your thoughts out there does tend to do that. Thanks for making us think about it either way.

I never said that there shouldn’t be any tension shown. I also never said that stay at home mothers is the only option. The problem with the movie is that it all pro-secular-feminist notions are portrayed positively and all traditional family and femininity ideas are portrayed negatively. There wasn’t any nuance in the film.

I couldn’t disagree more with your review. What sexual innuendo? (I’m an adult asking this, albeit tongue-in-cheek - that’s how subtle it was.) This is a PRO-FAMILY, PRO-LIFE, PRO-ABSTINENCE family film, and I think the notion that it’s “pro-feminist” is a bit silly - and, quite frankly, a stretch (based upon a radio program in the background.)

Did you miss the scene where the coach is comforting one of the girls after her b.f. dumps her? Or the scene where the whole school supports the team when they return from the loss at the regionals? And so on. Are you talking about the same movie? **You’re tilting at windmills. Big time. **

Excellent movie - I hope Catholic families will seek out and support it.

Thumbs up here. :thumbsup:

I notice that you didn’t bother to address the issue of lying and set up a straw man about the feminist themes by pretending I based everything on a background radio show at the beginning of the movie. Nice try.

It is a great family film with a positive portrayal of religious life - ! (The protagonist of the film is the basketball coach, not the nuns. i.e., it’s not a court-side “Sister Act.”)

I haven’t been so genuinely surprised by a G-rated movie in quite a long time and hope more Catholic families will seek it out. Good movie. :thumbsup:

If you read my review you’ll see that I did say the portrayal of the sisters was positive except for Sister Sunday.

I notice that you didn’t bother to address the issue of lying and set up a straw man about the feminist themes by pretending I based everything on a background radio show at the beginning of the movie. Nice try.

Might give STEVEN D. GREYDANUS of Decent Films a read:

Books (and a book is the basis of your “review”) aren’t films. They are two different media. It’s like reading a cookbook and evaluating a new car based upon what you read in a cookbook. Your criticisms are with a conventional plot device. I could be wrong, but I’m guessing you didn’t like “Spartacus,” either, because of the scene where everyone but Kirk Douglas says, “I am Spartacus-!” So, yeah, I did read your review. As a critique of Catholic theology, you’re spot on; as a critique of a film, you’re really grasping at straws.

No, the book gives good suggestions for how to read something to identify the themes. They also can easily be applied to movies.

Lying as a “plot device” still gives the message that if you are lying because of loyalty then it’s alright.

This movie is being marketed as a Catholic film so critiquing it as such is perfectly appropriate. Like I said in my review, I wouldn’t have bothered to write anything about it if it wasn’t for the way it is being marketed.

Spartacus wasn’t being marketed as a Catholic film.

I’ll hopefully get to see it soon and drag my dad along with me. Its rare to see a G Rated movie that’s not an animated film. Most of the family movies these days seem to think they have to add potty humor (I blame Shrek)so they become PG.

This is also a Cinderella story of a tiny college that won a championship. And a CATHOLIC college!

Plus, I like Carla Guguino as an actress…Night at the Museum and Spy Kids 1-3

It was very enjoyable despite what our “professional” critic has written. A very uplifting, positive movie.

I never said the movie wasn’t enjoyable nor did I say that I was a professional critic. I did say that the feminist themes and praise of lying were enough to make it something not to recommend as a Catholic film.

I have recommended it to many Catholics. And I will continue to do so.

Gah, I had a feeling the article would be anti women. I hate article lik that, that go against women having as much right to career as men. Why can’t a woman be a mother and have a career? Are women not supposed to let their dreams go any further than getting married and popping out kids? If me don’t like it then maybe they should be theones to stay home wit the kids. God knows most women are better workers anyways.

I had no idea the movie advocated disobedience to one’s husband! Thanks for posting this.

I don’t believe a woman should take orders from her husband like a slave. Thats just barbaric. Eve was made from Adams ib, not his foot.

No, the movie does not advocate disobedience to one’s husband.

I am a stay at home, home schooling mom who saw it with her husband. We both enjoyed it.

Agreed. Excellent movie. It’s amazing what something as basic as “suspension of disbelief” can do for the enjoyment of a movie. OP was not able to suspend disbelief for a couple of hours - nor indulge some basic plot device - yet, thankfully, most everyone else - including some prominent Catholic bishops - were able to do so.

If “Mighty Macs” is showing at a theater near you, it’s worth the time to check it out. Excellent, PRO-FAMILY, PRO-MORALITY, PRO-CATHOLIC movie-! :thumbsup:

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