The Millionaire Matchmaker- I know...but is there a lesson there?


I was at the gym and the “Millionaire Matchmaker” was on TV. For those who are unfamiliar with her, she basically finds wives for extremely well-off men, mostly in LA. She takes a tell-it-like-it-is, no-nonsense approach when it comes to standards and expectations with both the men and the women. She is especially critical of people’s looks and tells the ladies straight-out that they should change this or that based on the preferences of the men. While it’s mostly superficial entertainment, the reality is, there are some things that we as humans are drawn to when it comes to choosing our marriage partner.

What does this have to do with “Family Life” and the CAF? Well, I was wondering, for those of you who are married, were there any things you found you had to change or “shape up” on before you could be open to the fullness of your vocation? Did any major life changes improve your chances or prepare you for your spouse? We tend to be told from an early age that we can just be ourselves and everything will turn out for the best…but some of us who find ourselves single at a certain age start to second-guess this attitude. So, if you were the Catholic Matchmaker, what would you tell the women and men you were working with?


I worked on “shaping up” my spiritual life. I prayed and discerned and asked God’s will and timing to be done in my life. I stopped looking at men through the world’s point of view and tried to look more at men through a Catholic point of view. I fully embraced whom God created me to be, flaws and all. I stopped living to please others, and tried to please God more. I fully believed God had a perfect spouse in mind for me and trusted Him to provide in His perfect timing and then I stepped back and got out of my own way.


I think the whole be yourself thing comes partly from people that didnt have a lot of trouble finding people and didnt have to change a whole lot to find someone.

Sure, you cant change everything. But you can try to change areas you are weak in or areas that might help you.

I think that often times the best people to help with relationships are not those that had it easy finding someone. In sports, the best coaches are seldom the best players. The best coaches are often players that were mediocre and know what it means to be both bad and good. It is the people in the middle that offer the best advice because they see it from both sides: the good and the bad. The worst people to ask advice from are the very best and the very worst. This is because they dont have the same frame of mind.


Well, not to be a hater or anything, but I've seen the show, and I think there are 3 lessons to be learned from it:

  1. Many men will spend a LOT of money to have sex with a buxom bimbo

  2. Many buxom bimbos will have sex with a man as long as he has a LOT of money to spend

  3. Many people will do anything to be on TV

I think that the Millionaire Matchmaker would be more aptly called the Millionaire Madam.


I saw the show for the first time yesterday -- was home sick and there was NOTHING on TV. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised at the show. While she was very crass in the words she used, she was also very right on in some of the episodes I saw. The one episode that I found extremely enlightening was a lady who was extremely superficial -- wanted a "Jewish Matthew McConaughey." She also was very annoying by giggling like a school girl -- she was in her mid 30s -- and had to have everything in her house pink and liked "Hello Kitty." The MM set up a mixer with a group of men for her to mingle with including a retired NYPD officer and a plumber who was basically a man whore (he was the test to see if she would actually look for substance in a relationship). Well, she failed. She went with the man whore -- it didn't last, obviously. But the MM said, "I can't help her."

I think I'd watch the show again -- but I LOVE to people watch, and this is just an extension of that.


As Christians, there are a vast difference in things that we should be drawn to versus what society, or what “Millionaire Matchmaker” tells us. I have a low opinion of that show because of some of the things I’ve seen. I once saw an episode where a man was interested in two women who were matched to him-- one was a woman who was modestly dressed, was very attractive, and had wider hips. The other women was…how do I say it? Dressed for “a good time” if you get my drift. Her manner was not by any means modest, feminine, or even tasteful. The guy was taken aback by the first woman’s hips? I mean EXCUSE ME?? Women are supposed to have wide hips for goodness sakes! And then what was worse is when one of the parents of the guy said that was something that could be “fixed.” How is that? By shaving off her bones?

Turns out the guy eventually picked the second woman, who had no ounce of modesty and actually had to be chastised about that. Go figure!

One thing that I’ve heard many Christian women say, especially older Christian women, is that a man MUST, absolutely must, have a strong faith life. Many of these women end up going to church by them selves, or with the kids, and the husbands stay home and refuse to go to church and act like they’re sacrificing something huge by going. Not only is a strong faith life important, but living the faith is important to. I once thought that my husband was a fanatic because he goes to church without fail and does scripture reading at least half the days of the week, but now I realize that I am just plain lucky.

Not to mention, I was extremely offended when I found out that the MM told a woman with curly hair that men hate curls. :mad:


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