The Miniaturist Mini Series on PBS


Read that this book sold 1 million copies so watched season one first episode of three.

It is a 1680’s period piece about Calvanist Amsterdam where a young women marries a wealthy merchant and in the last 10 minutes of first episode you find out that he is gay.

Read the summary online and apparently the religious group kills him by drowning.

Since I live in the area near Salem Massachusetts and know the history of the witch hunts in Massachusetts in 1600’s and throughout Europe this came to mind but never heard of this slant.

Have not heard much about this series from protestant leaders denouncing it.


I watched some of it but probably will skip the rest of it unless I have more time to watch it. At first, I thought it was interesting but became disappointed with it. It seems like the agenda for entertainment is all about pushing a lot of sex, sex scandals, and aberrant behaviors to the forefront of the waning morals and ethics of various nations and cultures. As you can tell I am somewhat conservative and I don’t need to know what people do in ‘private.’


Why are you expecting to hear Protestant leaders denouncing it?


After I saw the end of the first episode and the subject matter I deleted my options to DVR it for all the future episodes. Not interested in watching it any more.


I am not sure this actually took place. I know that protestants got rid of women mostly that they deemed witches around this time but did they really go into people’s private lives and drown people they suspected to be homosexual.

Catholics often defend themselves against outrageous numbers that some say were killed during the inquisitions or crusades. This is about the protestant church and thought there may be some backlash against it.

It did have the puritan clothing, dark, drab and portrayed the protestant church as extreme one example being that people were not allowed to eat sugar even though sugar was coming into Europe.


“Protestant” is an incredibly broad term. The sect depicted in the show might not exist anymore, or it might be tiny. Mainstream, modern Protestants probably don’t see any connection between the sect depicted on the show and their particular church.


It is about Calvinists and according to the internet there are about 3.5 million calvinists many who are involved in evangelical circles.

So there will be no backlash. If you visit Salem Massachusetts you get the whole history of what happened in USA. The writer of the series comes from Britain so access to European history is important. It is estimated that up to 80 thousand were killed during this time in Europe.

That seems high.


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