The Miracle of Marcelino

Okay, first off I don’t want to give away too much of this classic movie made in Spain under Franco in 1955 in the first post at least. I was curious of what the opinions were on anyone who might have seen this movie and then we can develop the conversation.

Since this is close to being an unknown classic to many, again, I emphasize, this will be a spoiler thread because I don’t think it is a must-see like maybe the Passion but it has received widespread acclaim.

Basically, an order of Franciscans adopt the little boy Marcelino, an orphan.

In places, yes, it can make one cry, well done and based on a legend but in some ways, I think it could have been fine tuned seeing how it seems to be taken from a tail passed down through generations. Also, it is only about 80 minutes long. There is art in that brevity and simiplicity.but I can also ponder a longer version though I don’t think the modern world would do it justice unless the best directors got inolved.

A charity for animals, cats and dogs actually had this video and I feel lucky to have gotten this film. It deserves the recognition it has gotten.

Alright, that is the start of this thread and it can be discussed more in full in case commentary starts.

A very good movie. Although, it is liken to a “B” movie, it has a powerful message. I bought it many years ago and still love it. You are right, if it was to be redone it would have to be with someone who understands Catholic tradition.

Similar kind of movie is the Juggler of Notre Dame. It is where I got the name for my dog, Jonas - “Good Friend”

I see videos for some sort of a Catholic Theater that was on US telivision, I saw the show for Blessed Pro from Mexico, he may have in fact, been Canonized to a Saint, so excuse me if I miss that but it was a real good program in black and white and from close to the same era of this movie “Miracle of Marcelino.”

I wish the shows of that old Catholic Theater were available somewhere.

Thank You for your comment.

Sharing a beautiful film I watched with my grandchildren today.

Thanks. I did not know it was in Youtube.
It was our childhood movie, that made us cry, Marcelino, bread and wine.

Thank you for sharing this precious movie-very bitter-sweet movie.

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